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Best Chicken Ramen in Nakameguro: Menya Sou

Fact: Menya Sou has the best chicken ramen in Nakameguro. They’ve got incredible variety too – choose shoyu or shio seasoning and light, rich or spicy broth.

What to Choose?

I think the best choice is rich broth and this by default comes with shio. But the shio’s saltiness fittingly reminds the tori paitan’s richness that it’s not the only thing there.

All Toppings Rich (Shio) Ramen: ¥980

Light + shio or shoyu are still tasty options, especially if you’re worried about a heavier food coma.

Shio Ramen with Egg: ¥880

BBQ like Pork?

The topping that takes center stage is the well-seasoned and grilled pork. You’ll almost want a BBQ apron. The pork has a certain smoky firmness and a peppery flavor assisted by garlic bits.

The egg is fantastic. In addition, the long hosaki menma (bamboo shoots) and mizuna veggies have revitalizing qualities, particularly against the rich broth. Fairly soft and thin, straight noodles are used.

Tsukemen, Spicy Options

The tsukemen broth is more potent and the noodles thicker – as they should be. With the tsukemen you get to enjoy the grilled pork by itself more, without the broth getting in the way. For tsukemen, also choose light (shoyu) or rich (shio).

The “umakara”spicy ramen is the light / shoyu base. Choose your spice level from 1-7. Be warned, even 5 is hot…you’ll only be tasting spice for the next couple hours. I would stick to levels 1-3 for this chili oil infusion (or intrusion).

With 9 seats, Menya Sou is a not a big ramen shop. But you’ll feel right at home. The same company operates another branch by Waseda University and I’m told they do their ramen a bit differently.

But when it comes to chicken ramen in Nakameguro, Menya Sou is the only place you need to go.

Shop Hours: Every day! 11:30 ~ 16:00 / 18:00 ~ 22:30

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