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Silky Chukasoba at Murata in Naka-Meguro

Murata (中華そば むら田) puts a delicious and modern spin on classic chukasoba. Their ramen is simple yet appetizing and they’re one of my favorites in Naka-Meguro.

Silky Chukasoba

Murata’s chukasoba has an inspired classic look. Flavor-wise, you get a bit of everything in the broth. There’s sweetness and saltiness from the darker, stronger soy sauce and a silkiness from a heavy emphasis on chicken oil.

Chukasoba with Egg

Murata has changed their chashu pork toppings from time to time, but it’s always a great cut. This emphasis on quality is the case with all their toppings.

Here’s another angle – just cause she’s so pretty

Whole wheat chuukasui noodles are provided by Haneda Seimen. Like throwback chukasoba noodles, they’re thin and curly.

Chicken Shio Ramen

They’ve recently added a shio ramen to their arsenal. The seasoning is shio sea salt from Setouchi, scallop extract, and soy sauce that I believe is also from Setouchi.

Shio Chicken Ramen with Egg

That same chicken oil silkiness is more present because of the mild shio seasoning. I actually wish the shio had a saltier punch to offset the chicken a little bit more.

I like the toppings more than the broth in this one – steamed chicken breast and chicken thigh with broiled edges. The negi are seasoned with a trace amount of truffle oil. Overall, a solid bowl. But normally my heart would long for the chukasoba.

All in all, Murata is one of the best shops in Naka-Meguro. The chukasoba and shio ramen are just 10 min. away from the Naka-Meguro station.


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