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Crab Ramen in Tokyo - Crab Typhoon

For crab ramen in Tokyo, Crab Typhoon is an obvious choice. They combine crab and pork bones to make a deliciously thick and rich soup.

The Finest Crab Ramen in Tokyo - Soup

Crab Typhoon (crab台風。) is located in Tokyo⁠'s Ningyocho neighborhood. They're a tiny little shop - with a tiny little ticket machine to match.

They serve a Soupless Crab Ramen and sometimes serve limited time bowls. But the one to order is the Crab Ramen, or "Kani Soba" in Japanese.

It's a literal crab typhoon. The soup bursts with crab flavor⁠. The heavy use of pork bones ensure that it's extra thick and rich. But make no mistake - the crab is still king.

The plot thickens, as the soup also has a pool of black garlic oil. Furthermore, there's a bit of spinach purée atop the island of pork. ⁠

Toppings and Noodles

Among toppings, raw onions help bring down some of the soup's richness. They provide pleasant pops of sweetness and crunch. The other toppings are bamboo shoots (menma), a big sheet of seaweed (nori), a quail egg, and that island of pork chashu.

The pork is a big highlight. First of all, there's a lot of it. Secondly, it's well seasoned with pepper and slow-cooked to soft magnificence. ⁠

The noodles in the below are thin. They soak up the strongly flavored soup like a straw.

I'm personally a big fan of crab. The same goes for seafood in general. But if you're not big into crab or seafood, this might not be for you.

If you are, Crab Typhoon serves the tastiest crab ramen in Tokyo.


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