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Eiraku - Famous Ramen in Oimachi

When it comes to ramen in Oimachi, Eiraku (永楽) is most famous. They’ve been serving loyal patrons filling shoyu ramen since 1956.

Eiraku’s Ramen

At first glance, Eiraku’s shoyu (souy sauce) ramen looks a lot like Kiraku’s in Shibuya. This is because both ramen shops closely studied Tokyo Chinese restaurant Kiraku Daihanten and the Taiwanese chef’s noodle dishes there.

Eiraku - Ramen in Oimachi Bowl

Like at Kiraku, Eiraku is all about classic shoyu ramen. There’s a hard-boiled egg and tougher cuts of chashu pork. Also like at Kiraku, bits of fried negi (spring onions) add sweetness and smokiness to the broth.

Eiraku - Ramen in Oimachi Uptop Shot

The wontonmen comes with a hill of bean sprouts and tasty dumplings below them. Where Eiraku’s ramen is different is its stronger shoyu flavor. In addition, the noodles are flatter and absorb more of the broth.

Eiraku - Ramen in Oimachi Noodles

Transported Back in Time

At Eiraku, you’ll feel like you’ve been transported to a much older version of Tokyo. Unfortunately, they don’t allow photos inside. But you can get a sense of what the shop looks like from the outside.

Eiraku - Ramen in Oimachi Outside

For filling and classically tasty ramen in Oimachi, you can bet on Eiraku.


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