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gotsubo in Shinjuku: Ramen with Iberian Pork

Ramen with Iberian pork in a light oyster and chicken broth sound good? Menya Shono no gotsubo in Shinjuku has your name on it.

Choose Shio or Shoyu

Between the shio and shoyu ramen, both are top-notch. But I’m a bigger fan of the shio. You can taste more of the oyster sauce and the gentle brininess it brings.

Shio with Egg

In addition to the oyster sauce, the broth uses various veggies, niboshi fish, chicken and a special daizu (soy) oil. The broth looks light – and it is. But it’s also full of collagen richness, thanks to the chicken.

Shoyu with Egg and Chashu

Iberian Pork – Center Stage

The fatty Iberian pork is understandably a star attraction. It melts in your mouth and works well with the broth.

The top layer of trimmings also hide some tasty shrimp dumplings. The wraps from these dumplings really soak up the broth.

Only 6 Seats!

gotsubo is only 6 seats and its name literally means 5 tsubo, or the equivalent of a few square meters. While it’s not quite THAT small, gotsubo is definitely cozy.

Since opening, this Mensho group ramen shop has gotten a little bit away from their original veggie-centered tsukemen. But it doesn’t matter – their ramen with Iberian pork is marvelous.


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