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Jiyugaoka Ramen: Ie-Kei Style at Toraibu

Jiyugaoka ramen – slim pickings, for the most part. The posh Jiyugaoka neighborhood is more about fashion and pancakes. But Toraibu (渡来武) serves a hearty bowl of Ie-kei ramen just 2 min. from the station.

Customize Your Bowl

Toraibu does a fairly typical Ie-kei (pork bone and soy sauce) ramen. That’s a good thing. You can choose 3 levels for noodles (firmness), soup (flavor strength), and fattiness (chicken oil).

Jiyugaoka Ramen Toraibu

Even in the middle (level 2), the broth is fairly thick and salty and the noodles springy.

Toraibu is all about condiments – fresh ginger, garlic, sesame seeds, white pepper, and douban (broad bean chili oil – my favorite).

Get all toppings and you’re treated to 8 sheets of seaweed, and 4 slices of chashu pork that are on the firmer side.

Another unique thing about Toraibu is how animated their staff are. They will sing to themselves or interact quite loudly with customers.

Jiyugaoka Ramen Toraibu - Outside

I like visiting Toraibu for Ie-Kei when I can’t to go all the way to Yokohama. “Jiyugaoka ramen” is not really a thing. But perhaps Toraibu has helped changed this.

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