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Kyoraku Ramen in Ginza

Kyoraku (共楽) in Ginza serves meaty, classic ramen, with a recipe going back to 1956. The dumplings are a must!

Classic Ramen in the Heart of Ginza - Kyoraku

Kyoraku serves just one style of ramen. That's all they need to serve. But customers do have a number of choices for toppings.

Kyoraku - Signature Ramen with Pork and Dumplings

The ramen pictured includes extra slices of soft chashu pork, pork dumplings, and a raw egg. These toppings provide an already meaty soup additional meatiness. The shoyu (soy sauce) seasoned soup is heartier than the typical bowl of classic Tokyo ramen.

In fact, it's closer to something you'd find in Kyoto, or even Tokushima. In particular, Tokushima loves raw egg as a topping in its ramen.

The medium-thick noodles are made on site.

Medium-Thick Ramen Noodles

Pictured below is the wantanmen (dumpling ramen). It's delightful even without the extra slices of chashu pork. There are plenty of refreshing bamboo shoots and white negi (spring onions⁠).

Wantanmen - Dumpling Ramen

Some Background

Kyoraku is a Ginza institution, having been around since 1956. The third generation owner now runs the show⁠.

They temporarily closed in 2016 and gave locals quite the scare.

Outside Kyoraku

But they came roaring back after three years, reopening in 2019. Hopefully the 4th generation owner ensures that they stick around for a while longer.


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