Mensho San Francisco – Green Tea Ramen, Cheese Chicken Ramen

Only at Mensho San Francisco (メンショー サン フランシスコ) can you find brightly colored green tea ramen or cheese chicken ramen. But these wacky ramen deliciously work!

Located in Shinjuku and open since July 2018, the shop is modeled after their popular San Francisco shop. At this Mensho outpost, the speciality is thick and creamy chicken ramen (tori paitan).

Green Tea Ramen?

This is definitely one for Instagram. A dramatic bright green layer coats the top of the bowl, with walnut, menma (bamboo shoots), mizuna, and pomegranate toppings delicately placed in the middle.

Mensho San Francisco - Green Tea Ramen

Green Tea Ramen: ¥980, Extra Chashu: ¥200

With its appearance, it may summon images of Kyoto. But in taste, the chicken creaminess meets a sweet bitterness from the matcha green tea.

Cheese Chicken Ramen

This is their go-to tori paitan ramen – with some cheese added. The broth is extra frothy and almost like a carbonara ramen.

Mensho San Francisco - Cheese Chicken Ramen

Cheese Chicken Ramen: ¥980

Diced onions and a good amount of black pepper provide balance in the broth, as does yuzu citrus oil.

Green Tea Ramen, Cheese Chicken Ramen in Shinjuku 3

In both of these chicken based ramen, the soup is not just chicken, but Japanese elements like kelp and fish flakes. While wacky at first glance, they have plenty of depth.

Wagyu Shoyu Ramen

I hear that this ramen costs almost 50 bucks at their San Francisco shop! Thankfully in Tokyo it’s under 20 (¥1,950).

Mensho San Francisco - Wagyu Ramen

This might be my personal favorite. The high-grade, A5 black wagyu literally melts in your mouth. It’s marbled goodness.

The shoyu broth is perfect – it’s light and makes sure the wagyu is the center attraction. Pepper and garlic make strong appearances in the broth too.

Green Tea Ramen, Cheese Chicken Ramen in Shinjuku 5

Green Tea Ramen, Cheese Chicken Ramen in Shinjuku 7

Go and see what all the fuss is about at Mensho San Francisco – possible in Shinjuku too! They’re located on the 7th floor of the My Lord shopping mall.

Shop Hours: 11 am ~ 23:00 (Every day)

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