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Menya Sho - Greatest Shio Ramen in Shinjuku

Menya Sho is the heavyweight champ when it comes to shio ramen in Shinjuku! The chicken-centric shio (salt) ramen here is one of my favorites in Tokyo.

Menya Sho, or Menya Syo (麺屋 翔) is about a 12 min. walk from Shinjuku station. It’s even closer to Nishi-Shinjuku station. Easy!

Ramen in Shinjuku - Outside Menya Syo

Shio Ramen in Shinjuku – The Champ

In this legendary shio ramen, they blend 4 types of shio (salt), including all the way from France, Mongolia, and Italy. On top of this, they use Akou natural salt from Japan.

Ramen in Shinjuku - Shio Ramen at Menya Syo

This salty undertone carries a deep (like a fifty meter well) chicken flavor. In short, this bowl is a saline ramen river bursting with chicken umami.

Shio Ramen with all Toppings

Pictured is the shio ramen with all toppings. For veggies, we’ve got crunchy mizuna and menma (bamboo shoots). For protein, the chicken chashu slices are quite peppery, and the pork chashu slices are quite sweet.

The thin, straight noodles help splendidly drain the delicious river.

Menya Sho - Shoyu Silver Medalist

Their shoyu (soy sauce) ramen has a similar wow factor. But I still feel the shio reigns supreme. This doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy the shoyu!

Ramen in Shinjuku - Shoyu Ramen at Menya Syo
Shoyu Ramen with all Toppings

If you’re craving a tangier, sweeter flavor, this shoyu ramen bowl is for you. It reminds me a little bit of Ishin in Meguro.

Ramen in Shinjuku - Noodles at Menya Syo

The noodles somehow feel more dense with the slightly heavier shoyu broth.

Miso Ramen Wednesdays

Every Wednesday, Menya Sho adds miso ramen to the menu. The soup has a thick layer of pork lard and it's quite the contrast to the lighter shio and shoyu ramen.

The owner is from Sapporo - the birthplace of miso ramen. So you know he's doing this bowl justice. While heavier, it still tastes refined, with a strong ginger flavor alongside the miso base.

Enjoy the stir-fried bean sprouts and the thicker, wavy noodles.

In summary, any day of the week, Menya Sho has got you covered for ramen in Shinjuku.


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