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Piriri - Spectacular Tantanmen in Suitengumae

Piriri (汁なし担担麺 ピリリ) serves wonderful tantanmen (dan dan noodles) in Tokyo's Suitengumae district. Choose white or black sesame as a tasty base.

Piriri - Top Ranked Tantanmen

Tantanmen is an offshoot of dan dan noodles, a ramen-like dish originally from Sichuan province, China. Modern tantanmen in Tokyo isn't as spicy as what you get in China. But there's still a good amount of heat, along with some additional refinement.

Piriri Tantanmen in Suitengumae - Outside

Piriri does modern Tokyo tantanmen extremely well. They have a number of different versions to choose from. We'll be examining 3 versions:

  • White Sesame Tantanmen with Soup

  • White Sesame Tantanmen without Soup (Soupless)

  • Black Sesame Tantanmen without Soup (Soupless)

Piriri Tantanmen in Suitengumae - Ticket Machine
Ticket Machine includes English

White Sesame Tantanmen with Soup

In this one, the soup is beautifully balanced between chili oil spiciness meets and white sesame creaminess. In other words, it's smooth and punchy at the same time. There's also a fair amount of (sansho) numbing pepper, which are like little firecrackers.

Piriri Tantanmen in Suitengumae - White Sesame with Soup

Among toppings there's a big, leafy piece of komatsuna (Japanese spinach). It supplies crunch, as do the white and green negi (spring onions). They also give the soup a bit of sweetness. The minced pork are another source of tasty flavors outside of the soup.

There are also pieces of baby shrimp, which emit bitterness. Thinner noodles in this one.

White Sesame Tantanmen without Soup

This is their top seller. Given that the base is more of a thick sauce than a soup, the white sesame flavors are more concentrated. But that beautiful balance is still maintained between spiciness and smooth richness.

Piriri Tantanmen in Suitengumae - White Sesame without Soup

The toppings are pretty much the same. But a little pile of refreshing mizuna replaces the leafy komatsuna.

Black Sesame Tantanmen without Soup

The black sesame base is more smoky and peppery compared to the white sesame one. It allows bring out the numbing pepper more. If you haven't enjoyed numbing pepper before, they leave a slight tingly sensation in your mouth.

In both of these soupless tantanmen, the noodles are a bit thicker. This extra surface area allows the noodles to pick up more of that sauce. Make sure to give everything a proper mix!

Piriri Tantanmen in Suitengumae - Noodles

Chill Vibes

Piriri has a spacious interior for a Tokyo ramen (tantanmen) restaurant. The wooden finish and earthy colors give off relaxing vibes.

The kitchen is in the back. Piriri also has a smaller branch in Ginza.

In summary, Piriri does spectacular tantanmen in Suitegumae.


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