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Ramen Cafe In Shibuya – Kugatsudo

Kugatsudo (九月堂) is as close to a ramen cafe in Shibuya as you can get. Tucked away in the quieter backstreets, it’s as relaxing as the ramen is tasty.

Ramen Cafe In Shibuya – Kugatsudo Inside

Ramen Cafe in Shibuya

I love the atmosphere at Kugatsudo. Older, typical ramen shops have their own charm of course, with their worn out interiors and overall simplicity.

On the 2nd Floor

But Kugatsudo is the opposite of this, with its spacious and sunny inside.

But How is the Ramen?

Thankfully, the ramen at Kugatsudo is quality. The house special is a soy sauce powered ramen, with the option to get light or heavy (“assari” or “kotteri”).

Press the middle right big button for all toppings

In either, the double soup is pork and chicken bones, assorted veggies, black soy beans, bonito fish flakes, and niboshi. Lighter is well, light. The heavier one understandably hits harder, with a thicker and richer broth.

Ramen Cafe In Shibuya – Light Ramen
Light Ramen with All Toppings

The ramen come with like menma (bamboo shoots), white and green negi (spring onions), star-shaped arare (little snow pellets), and yuzu citrus. If you order the ramen all toppings, you’ll get more of these items, but also an egg and seaweed.

Ramen Cafe In Shibuya – Rich Ramen
Heavy Ramen w/ side dish (Lunch Meal)

Note that Kugatsudo also serves other ramen, including a tsukemen (dipping ramen) and a tantanmen (spicy ramen) with melted cheese.

Ramen Cafe In Shibuya – Thick Noodles
Cheese Tantanmen

Good Overall Vibes

While you’ll surely enjoy the ramen, it might be the vibes at Kugatsudo you enjoy the most. For a ramen cafe experience in Shibuya, give them a visit.

Ramen Cafe In Shibuya – Kugatsudo Snazzy Interior


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