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Ramen from a 1960s Vending Machine

Retro Vending Machine Ramen in Japan for just ¥300 (under $3)! It's better than you'd think.

Largest Collection of Old Vending Machines

Sagamihara, Kanagawa (South of Tokyo) is home to the largest collection retro vending machines in Japan. There are over 90 of these machines there! They're enthusiastically operated by a car tire shop next door.

Curry Vending Machine

These vending machines hold everything from hot hamburgers to Japanese curry rice. Many of the machines are over 50 years old, and sometimes simply don't work. Let's just say it's not exactly easy to find replacement parts.

Ramen Vending Machine - Hamburgers
Hamburger Vending Machine

But most do work and we're thankful that the machine serving ramen is one of them!

Vending Machine Ramen

There's just one ramen vending machine at the outdoor complex. It's understandably popular. You'll feel like you've stepped back in time by Just looking at the machine.

Besides the cubby hole on the right (where the ramen comes out of), there's a slot on the left for grabbing chopsticks, towelettes, and black pepper seasoning.

Choose from two ramen:

  • Regular Ramen: ¥300

  • Chashumen (Extra Pork): ¥400

Chashumen (left) comes with 5 Pork Slices

These are a steal! The ingredients are fresh - not refrigerated or frozen. The machine simply adds the hot soup to the noodles and toppings.

Flavor and appearance-wise, it's classic Tokyo style ramen. This means a lighter soy sauce seasoned soup and old-school toppings.

These toppings are barrel style pork slices, seaweed, menma (bamboo shoots), negi (spring onions), and naruto (fish cake hiding below). Lastly, the noodles are surprisingly springy.

I couldn't believe how tasty it all was. All in all, this is a fantastic, nostalgic ramen experience in Kanagawa.

Check out the below video, which includes footage of them stocking the machine!


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