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Rasen - Tokyo Beef Bone Ramen

For Tokyo beef bone ramen, Rasen is a good bet. Their hearty beef bone ramen includes shredded beef and an AMAZING smoked egg.

Rasen Tokyo Beef Bone Ramen - Shoyu

While Menba Rasen (麺場 らせん) is relatively new to the Tokyo ramen scene, they’re making a big bovine splash.

Rasen - Premier Tokyo Beef Bone Ramen

Inside Rasen

First of all, there are only a handful of beef bone ramen shops in Tokyo. Namely, there is Kamitoku and Matador. In other words, Rasen is in a space that isn’t so crowded.

Shio or Shoyu?

At Rasen, choose from a shio (salt) ramen or shoyu (soy sauce) ramen.

Top row: Shoyu, 2nd row: Shio

In the shio, it’s a bright and salty seasoning that brings out a meaty beef bone flavor. The soup is beef bones and multiple types of dried fish. These fish provide an accent at the end of every sip⁠. But it’s the beef flavor that stands out the most.

Rasen Tokyo Beef Bone Ramen - Shio
Shio Ramen with Smoked Egg

Their top selling shoyu ramen has a bolder taste. The soup in this one is 100% beef bones (no fish)! When eating it you might think for a second it’s a beef stew, or even a beef stroganoff (without the sweetness).

Shoyu Ramen with Smoked Egg

Both ramen come with shredded beef as a topping. Furthermore, there’s green negi (spring onions), hosaki menma (bamboo shoots), and a wonderful smoked egg. This egg is definitely something to write home about!

Rasen Tokyo Beef Bone Ramen - Noodles

The massive slab of chashu pork is low-temp cooked and infused with the same smoky aroma. ⁠Lastly, famous noodle producer Mikawaya Seimen supplies their thin noodles.

Final Thoughts

Note that Menba Rasen has been open since July 2019. They’re up in Toshima City, Tokyo, with the closest station being Higashi-Nagasaki.

Rasen Tokyo Beef Bone Ramen - Outside

If you’re a fan of beef, or are simply curious about Tokyo beef bone ramen, Rasen has you covered!

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