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​Roast Beef Abura Soba in Shinjuku: Beast

At Abura Soba Beast, which serves abura soba in Shinjuku, there’s one special topping: premium ROAST BEEF! Their medium-rare, succulent roast beef matches up perfectly with their savory sauce. For you night owls – they’re also open until 8 in the morning. 2020 Update: This place is now closed.

​Roast Beef Abura Soba in Shinjuku Beast 5

Abura soba is essentially ramen with an oil sauce instead of soup. You mix it all together before eating. For more details on abura soba, click here.

In abura soba the toppings are similar to ramen. But at Abura Soba Beast, instead of chashu pork, roast beef is the star of the show.  ​​

They have several abura soba options:

  1. Classic

  2. Spicy Miso

  3. Richly Creamy

  4. Seasonal (now a Meaty Tantan Abura Soba)

You get to choose how much roast beef you want: Single (70 g), Double (130 g), Queen (190 g), and King (390 g).

The Classic – Roast Beef Abura Soba

​Roast Beef Abura Soba in Shinjuku Beast 1

Classic (70 g) with runny egg: ¥1,000

The Classic is a bit soupier than most abura soba you’ll come across. But this is welcome, as the noodles simply drip with more of their signature (savory) soy sauce. They also use some garlic to create an even more striking flavor. Get the Classic with the ontama (runny egg) topping.

Spicy Miso

​Roast Beef Abura Soba in Shinjuku Beast 2

Spicy Miso (70 g): ¥980

Similar to the Classic, there’s more of that sauce to better soak the noodles in. In taste, it’s like the Classic, but richer and with a spicy punch. The ball of red miso in the middle also gives the bowl a slightly sweeter taste. They recommend coriander as a topping (¥100).

​Roast Beef Abura Soba in Shinjuku Beast 3

Thick wavy noodles

Meaty Tantan Abura Soba

​Roast Beef Abura Soba in Shinjuku Beast 4

Abura Soba Beast has seasonal items as well. Right now it’s a meaty Tantan Abura Soba. Taking inspiration from Chinese Dan dan noodles, this dish has a stronger sesame seed flavor.

Besides this, there’s that zesty peppery taste, complete with a numbing sensation from the sansho peppers. It’s not as soupy the other 2 entries but the dish makes up for this with extra meat.

Their Richly Creamy dish is not pictured here. But in it they use a wasabi-infused cream sauce instead of the savory soy sauce. If you want even more richness, add cream cheese as a topping.

In summary, for excellent roast beef abura soba in Shinjuku, definitely get to Abura Soba Beast.

Check out the below video if you’re interested in some abura soba INStANT RAMEN! 


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