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Tonchin Ramen – Ramen with Truck Driver Roots

Tonchin Ramen (屯ちん) was started by a ramen-loving truck driver in 1993. His aim was to create an original and tasty tonkotsu ramen brand in Tokyo.

In short, he was successful.

Tonchin Ramen - Ikebukuro Shop
Ikebukuro Flagship Shop

Tonchin Ramen – “Tokyo Tonkotsu Ramen”

In their “Tokyo tonkotsu ramen”, rich shoyu (soy sauce) from Chiba is used to draw out umami from a carefully nurtured tonkotsu (pork bone) broth.

Tonchin Ramen - Basic with All Toppings
Tonkotsu Ramen – all the trimmings

This long-cooked broth is pork, chicken (momiji / chicken feet, too) various vegetables, kelp, and katsuobushi (bonito fish flakes).

Tonchin Ramen - Basic Tonkotsu
Basic Tonkotsu Ramen

The end result is a creamy, delicious flavor. But there’s also a gentleness to it, along with a pleasant aroma. There’s even a hint of spice.

Tonchin Ramen - Noodles

In addition, they make their own noodles, which are relatively fat and wavy.

Fish and Pork Tsukemen

Their fish and pork tsukemen (dipping ramen) is also a lot of fun. As soon as it’s plopped down in front of you, you feel like you’re at the docks. The wakame seaweed topping also drives this seafood point home.

Tonchin Ramen - Tsukemen

The thicker broth is salty, creamy, sweet, and sour at the same time – much like modern tsukemen. Its sweetness is most apparent when you drink the broth by itself.

Tonchin Locations

Tonchin has 2 branches on their home turf of Ikebukuro. But they have also branches in busy areas like Shinjuku, Omiya (Saitama), and Kawasaki (Kanagawa).

Tonchin Ramen - Kawasaki Shop
Kawasaki Branch

Under a slightly different brand, they have branches in Taiwan and China. In 2017, they even opened up a location in New York City.

Venture to Tonchin if you seek delicious tonkotsu ramen. Or if you like the smell of the ocean (with their tsukemen).

Ikebukuro Flagship:

Shinjuku Branch:


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