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Fresh Chicken Ramen at Tori-Soba Salt

Tori-Soba Salt (鶏そば そると), as the name would suggest, is all about chicken and salt seasoned ramen. This ramen shop is just a 3 minute walk from Shimo-kitazawa Station.

Tori Soba Salt

Their top selling tori soba (chicken ramen) isn’t that salty with its shio (salt) seasoning. The chicken plays a much bigger role in the flavor. In short, the salt and chicken broth is fresh tasting and light.

Tori-Soba Salt - Signature Ramen

For lunch on weekdays, they offer great deals. The tori soba comes with a side of rice with chicken, egg, or dumplings.

Taiwan Maze Soba

On weekdays they also serve a Taiwan maze soba. This style of ramen is soupless and comes with egg yolk in the middle. Their version manages to strike a balance between being savory and spicy.

Where it differs is minced chicken (instead of minced pork). This chicken is prepped in a way that’s inspired by spicy Sichuan cuisine.

Taiwan Maze Soba Thick Noodles

Another difference – among the rainbow of vegetables is chopped eggplant that are crispy on the outside. This is Taiwan maze soba, but with an interesting chicken and eggplant twist.

Tori Mori Soba

Mori Soba is just an old-fashioned way to call tsukemen, or dipping ramen. The mori soba broth has that lovely chicken flavor like the ramen. However, there’s additional funkiness to it.

Mori Soba at Tori Soba Salt

I imagine this is coming from pork bones. It works. The noodles in this dish are a bit thicker than in the ramen.

Old Meets New

Just like how they name their dishes, Tori-Soba Salt is old-school on the inside. It looks and feels like a soba restaurant from an older Tokyo. The noodles themselves are like a nostalgic cross between soba and soumen.

Tori-Soba Salt - Inside

But alongside this old-school approach is a modern one. Raw tomatoes as toppings, maze soba with chicken – these are a few of these modern touches.

Tori-Soba Salt - Outside

All in all, Tori-Soba Salt serves fun chicken ramen. They’re also a shining example of old meets new.


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