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T's Tantan - Premier Tokyo Vegan Ramen

T’s Tantan is probably Tokyo’s most high-profile vegan ramen group. Their sesame-based, zesty tantanmen is popular with tourists and locals alike.

T’s Tantan – Go-To Vegan Ramen in Tokyo

There aren’t that many Tokyo vegan ramen restaurants to begin with. But even if there were, T’s Tantan would stand stall. Their main restaurant, simply called T’s Restaurant, is in Jiyugaoka, an upscale neighborhood of Tokyo.

T's Tantan Tokyo Vegan Ramen - Outside
Tokyo Station Restaurant

However, it’s their Tokyo station restaurant that gets the most traffic. You have to go inside Tokyo station itself (Keiyo Street shopping area). T’s also has branches in Ueno, Ikebukuro, and both Narita and Haneda airports.

Gold Sesame Tantanmen

As the name would suggest, they specialize in tantanmen, a spicy ramen derived from dan dan noodles. But their tantanmen isn’t that spicy…and it’s 100% vegan! Think of their gold sesame tantanmen as the gold standard.

T's Tantan Tokyo Vegan Ramen - Gold Sesame

The gold sesame-based soup is smooth and creamy. The thick ball on the left adds extra nuttiness to that soup, along with the sesame seeds. As is the case with all their ramen, you’ll find plenty of crunchy and colorful greens.

As for protein, minced soy meat provide a sweet crumbly contrast⁠ to the vegetables. Thin noodles mop it all up.

Black Sesame Tantanmen

This is another popular menu item. If you’re looking for a smokier, sweeter flavor (instead of a nutty, creamy one), this black sesame tantanmen is for you.

T's Tantan Tokyo Vegan Ramen - Black Sesame

You have similar vegetables and the same tasty minced soy meat. But there’s a sharpness from purple pickled cabbage. Overall, the black sesame tantanmen hits harder in the flavor department.

T's Tantan Tokyo Vegan Ramen - Noodles

The same noodles ensure that this stronger flavored soup is properly picked up.

Other Seasonal Ramen

T’s Tantan isn’t afraid to revamp their menu from time to time. This includes seasonal ramen – like the shoyu (soy sauce) ramen below. It features a host of spring vegetables, including baby corn and spinach.

T's Tantan Tokyo Vegan Ramen - Shoyu Ramen

Instead of minced soy meat, there’s a slab of broiled tofu for protein. T’s even has their own official vegan instant ramen (3 different types), which you can buy here (shipped overseas): LINK

In short, if vegan ramen or vegetarian ramen is what you seek, T’s Tantan is there for you!

T’s Main Restaurant:

T’s Tokyo Station Restaurant:


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