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Yamachan - Tonkotsu Ramen in Ginza

Yamachan serves lip-smacking, authentic Hakata style tonkotsu (pork bone) ramen in Ginza, Tokyo.

Yamachan - From Fukuoka to Tokyo

⁠Yamachan (長浜屋台 やまちゃん 銀座店) started as a humble food stall in Fukuoka in 1986. This is the story for many Fukuoka ramen shops. ⁠

Outside Yamachan in Ginza, Tokyo

Yamachan's branch in Tokyo's Ginza neighborhood has been open since 2002⁠. It looks just like a food stall would.

Silky Tonkotsu Ramen

Being from Fukuoka, Yamachan specializes in Hakata / Nagahama style tonkotsu ramen. Pictured is such ramen with all the trimmings. Green negi (spring onions) take up half the real estate in the bowl.

Yamachan's Tonkotsu Ramen with all toppings

The remaining space is occupied by kikurage (wood ear mushrooms), pork, egg, and seaweed⁠. But we can't forget the big red ball of mentaiko (spicy cod roe) ⁠on top of the pork slices. It's a wonderful contrast to the rich pork bone soup.

While Yamachan's soup is rich, it's also refined. Furthermore, the soup doesn't have a smelly pork bone smell. Yamachan employs razor thin noodles, just like you'd find in Fukuoka.

Thin Noodles are common in Hakata Ramen

Lastly, condiments for the soup are as follows: ⁠

1) Red Pickled Ginger (Benishouga) ⁠

2) Ground Sesame Seeds (Goma) ⁠

3) Spicy Mustard Leaves (Takana)

Using condiments is encouraged in this style of ramen, as is ordering "kaedama" (a second helping of noodles).

In summary, Yamachan in Ginza serves tasty tonkotsu ramen straight from Fukuoka (Hakata)! Their ticket machine (to order) has English too.


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