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About 5 AM Ramen


In some cities, it’s a juicy sandwich or a savory kebab. In Tokyo, it’s about eating a hearty bowl of ramen to close the curtains on a long night. I speak from experience when I say this – nothing satisfies like a bowl of 5 AM Ramen. This website is centered on ramen, Japan's favorite soul food. From the best instant ramen, to the best Tokyo ramen shops, we cover it all. 

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5 AM Ramen is run by Frank, a Filipino American born and raised in Tokyo. He happily eats ramen for a living. When he's not eating ramen, he enjoys reading, exercising, and traveling. He's also a huge Lord of the Rings fan. 

Additional Services

We're your local ramen experts! From Tokyo's only ramen tasting tour to a behind the scenes ramen kitchen experience, we've got something for everyone. 

Whether you need to film in a Tokyo ramen shop for a TV program or need expertise advice on Japanese food etiquette, we'll set it all up! 

Make your food photos come alive! We'll transform any food photos into beautiful looking ones. This includes image resizing, and light / color correction.

Browse the very best ramen pictures and ramen videos available online. They're perfect for casual or professional use.

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