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Japanese Food Consulting

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Whether it's behind-the-scenes filming in a Tokyo ramen shop or expertise advice on Japanese food etiquette, we have you covered. Reach out to inquire!  

Consulting Services: 

  • Ramen Consulting  

  • Other Japanese Food Consulting (Soba, Sushi, Yakitori, Udon, etc.)

  • Tokyo Restaurant / Location Scouting 

  • Japanese Culture and Etiquette

  • Japan Market Research  

  • Freelance Writing 

- 5 AM Ramen has been featured on CNN, Apple Daily, Bright Trip and other media

​​Frank provided an in-depth, approachable knowledge about Tokyo we couldn't find anywhere else. Work was professional and prompt and gave us insight into Tokyo that was invaluable.


- Johnny Harris, Bright Trip in partnership with Lonely Planet ​​

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