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Top Akasaka Ramen - TOMO

When it comes to Akasaka ramen shops, Akasaka Mendokoro TOMO (赤坂麺処 友) takes top prize! Choose from their signature flying fish ramen, creamy chicken ramen, or smooth-tasting tsukemen.

Tomo, My Top Akasaka Ramen – Flying Fish

Their signature shoyu (soy sauce) ramen is a blend of flying fish (tobiou) from Kagoshima, niboshi (dried sardines), Ma kombu (kelp), and tonkotsu (pork bones).

Akasaka Ramen TOMO - Flying Fish
Flying Fish Shoyu Ramen, All Toppings

It’s deliciously well-balanced and surprisingly mellow in flavor. The tonkotsu base doesn’t feel too heavy nor does the sharper flying fish take over the bowl.

Flying Fish Shoyu Ramen

It’s also not as salty as the grilled flying fish ramen you’ll find at Ramen Takahashi. The mizuna toppings are a refreshing touch. Incredible bowl and the raiyu (chili oil) condiment they provide adds a fun zip at the end.

Creamy Chicken Ramen with Wasabi

Akasaka Ramen TOMO - Chicken
Chicken Shio Ramen, All Toppings

This ramen falls under the “tori paitan” (creamy chicken) category. The chicken bones they use are from Kyushu. It’s thick and rich but the shio (salt) seasoning supercharges the bowl and in a way, offsets the richness.

This ramen comes with a little plate of top-notch wasabi. The nostril-flaring wasabi similarly cuts through the creaminess. The straight thick noodles perfectly mop up the thicker broth.

Chicken Shoyu Tsukemen with Yuzu

Their tsukemen is a chicken shoyu base and is equally delicious. The sweet and sour broth is not as thick as post 2001 tsukemen.

Akasaka Ramen TOMO - Tsukemen
Tsukemen with Egg

The condiment for the tsukemen is a yuzu and apple vinegar paste. Toss it in the broth to cancel out some of the saltiness and create a milder flavor.

The ticket machine includes English menu and the staff are always friendly. From any of the counter seats, you get a great view of the kitchen.

Tomo is most certainly the top choice for Akasaka Ramen. Furthermore, they’re open until 4 am on weekdays!

Akasaka Ramen TOMO - Outside


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