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Bazoku: The Best Handmade Noodles in Tokyo

Ramen shop Bazoku (馬賊) in Asakusa arguably has the best handmade noodles in Tokyo. A bold statement but one I think many could agree with after eating there.

Bazoku in Asakusa - Beautiful Noodles

Bazoku - A Noodle Experience

Bazoku makes their noodles old-school Chinese style - that is, lamian hand-pulled noodles. In a big window facing the street, you’ll see a burly man vigorously pulling and folding noodles by hand.

What’s more dramatic is the way he’ll slam the noodle dough on the table with both hands. These slamming vibrations can be felt throughout the shop.

As a result, Bazoku’s noodles are marvelously chewy. This chewiness doesn’t come from under-cooking the noodles. You can tell when you bite into them. It's the effect of the intense slamming, pulling, and folding (kneading).

Massive Menu

Just like any old-school Chinese ramen shop, Bazoku has a massive menu (and an English one too). The menu includes everything from classic shoyu (soy sauce) ramen to yakisoba (fried noodles).

Bazoku in Asakusa - Shoyu Ramen
Classic Shoyu Ramen

Many opt for the tangy classic shoyu ramen or the sesame based spicy tantanmen. I personally might best like their tanmen (salt-based broth with a lot of veggies).

Bazoku in Asakusa - Tanmen

Every ramen at Bazoku has a vintage taste. The soups may not be as dynamic as modern ramen shops. But their insanely good noodles, local vibe, and variety more than make up for this.

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Local Vibe

Visiting Bazoku is like traveling in a time machine to an older Tokyo. Its red wall layout is simple and any seat provides a great view of the action in the kitchen. You may even get to share a table with some locals during busy hours.

In conclusion, Bazoku is an Asakusa ramen institution. I guarantee a memorable meal there, especially since they probably have the best handmade noodles in Tokyo.


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