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Ginza Kazami – Ramen made from Sake Lees

The ramen at Ginza Kazami (銀座 風見) is one of the most unique in Tokyo. Their ramen is rich, thick and infused with sake kasu (sake lees)⁠! ⁠

Ginza Kagari Outside

Ginza Kazami – Sake Lees Ramen

It’s not every day that you come across a ramen that uses sake lees (sake kasu). They’re the byproduct of sake production. The signature ramen at Ginza Kazami is a rich shoyu (soy sauce) broth. It’s mostly pork and chicken bones and shellfish.

The sake lees help tone down this richness while adding a sweet and fruity flavor. The broth almost tastes like a thick amazake (a sweet low-alcohol drink).

For toppings, there’s a comforting crunch from mizuna and negi (spring onions). The charred aburabge (fried tofu) texture oddly reminds me of French toast. ⁠ ⁠

Ginza Kazami Noodles

A Kyoto-noodle makes the medium-thick noodles from domestic wheat flour. Furthermore, the inside of this ramen shop has a Kyoto aesthetic. You may feel more like you’re in an elegant Kyoto soba shop.

Last Notes

Ginza Kazami is right next to Kagari, another ramen shop in Ginza, Tokyo. Kagari is one of the most popular ramen shops for tourists. If you want a shorter line, visit this place. Their ramen is just as excellent.

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