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Koisaimen Inosho - Super Rich Ramen in Ogikubo

Koisaimen Inosho (濃菜麺 井の庄) serves insanely rich and thick ramen in Ogikubo and Nerima. They have spicy ramen too!

Koisaimen Inosho - Ramen in Ogikubo and Nerima

The Inosho ramen group is responsible for six ramen shops in the Tokyo area. Two of these shops, Koisaimen Inosho, are all about rich, calorie topping ramen.

Ogikubo Branch

These two shops are located in Ogikubo and Nerima. You might need several naps after eating at either shop!

Nerima Branch

Calorific to the Max Ramen

"Koisaimen" is the house speciality. This ramen's soup is indeed calorific to the max. It's thick like a stew and is creamy from a ton of pork bones. The base is also quite salty.

Koisaimen Inosho - Rich Ramen

In short, it's the opposite of light. But the crunchy vegetables, including cabbage, help offset the heavy soup. The chicken and pork chashu slices are big. They're as soft as pillows and almost melt into the soup.

Koisaimen Inosho - Thick Noodles

The straight-shaped (not wavy) noodles are equally big. Overall, the experience is quite "sticky", just like they advertise. You'll need to have a napkin at the ready.

Spice It Up!

The "Karakara Koisaimen" cranks up the heat. Choose from 4 levels of spice - if you choose level 3 or 4, do be warned. It's really spicy! But the spice is a nice companion to the same thick and rich soup.

Koisaimen Inosho - Spicy Ramen

There's plenty of chili oil and a big pile of their secret spicy sauce in the middle. They add a peanut butter sauce to the mix too. In this regard, it's back and forth with the spice and the milder, sweeter flavors (also coming from the veggies).

The noodles of course have to be thick again.

Special Menus

The two ramen above are available at both the Ogikubo and Nerima shops. But these two shops also have exclusive ramen. In Nerima, this would include the "Hakata Soba".

Koisaimen Inosho - Hakata Ramen

Among Kyushu tonkotsu (pork bone) ramen styles, Hakata ramen is most famous. That's what they're replicating in this bowl, right down to the green negi (spring onions) and kikurage (wood ear mushrooms) toppings.

The rich soup is a bit frothy and does remind of modern bowls in Hakata like Issou.

Koisaimen Inosho - Inside with Book

No matter what ramen you order, Koisaimen Inosho will put a smile on your face.

Ogikubo Shop:

Nerima Shop:


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