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Best Miso Ramen in Tokyo? Oshima

Is the best miso ramen in Tokyo at Oshima (大島)? Many would answer with a resounding “yes”. Tokyoites love Oshima’s piping hot, Sapporo style miso ramen.

Miso Ramen in Tokyo Oshima - Uptop

Oshima is located near Funabori station in Edogawa City (Tokyo’s East side). They’re the highest ranked for miso ramen in Tokyo on Ramen DB.

Think of Ramen DB as a Yelp for ramen. Let’s dive in and see what Oshima is all about!

Miso Ramen in Tokyo – A King among Kings

Sapporo, Hokkaido (Northern Japan) is home to Japan’s most famous miso ramen shops, including Sumire. Sumire is a HUGE name there. Many ex-staff from Sumire have opened up their own shops. Oshima is one of them.

Miso Ramen in Tokyo Oshima - Outside

Sumire style miso ramen is hearty and bursting with flavor. The thick soup is a well-balanced blend of pork bones, fish, and vegetables. These elements join forces with pork lard and high-grade miso to create a deeply layered flavor experience.

Miso Ramen with Egg

While the pork lard makes it sound heavy, it’s gentler than at Sumire. It also carries a softer miso flavor. But this doesn’t mean it’s any less delicious.

Furthermore, the supporting toppings include generous amounts of grated ginger, negi (spring onions), bamboo shoots, and a large slab of chashu pork. ⁠They supply sweetness and freshness.

Miso Ramen in Tokyo Oshima - Noodles

I believe you can request a stronger-flavored, Sumire-like broth. I haven’t done it myself yet. Lastly, the noodles are thick and wavy, as per this style. Make sure to cool them down before slurping. It’s piping hot!

Final Thoughts

Oshima serves other ramen (2nd row on the ticket machine) too. Shio (salt) is light blue, shoyu (soy sauce) is red, “classic style” is orange, and spicy miso is red again (only available at night).

Miso Ramen in Tokyo Oshima - Ticket Machine

But miso ramen is top left and eye level for a reason. If you want to add an egg, hit the light orange ¥130 button, second row from the bottom, very left.

Do I personally feel that Oshima serves the best miso ramen in Tokyo? That’s a tough call. But when it comes to this style, Oshima is a king among kings.


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