Roasted Miso Ramen in Sapporo at Minoya

For miso ramen in Sapporo, Minoya is an excellent choice. Not only is their miso ramen roasted, but you can choose whether to add ginger or garlic. On top of this, Minoya is centrally located in Susukino and open until 3 am!

Minoya’s Miso Ramen

First off, Minoya staff will ask whether you want shouga (ginger) or ninniku (garlic) in your miso ramen broth.

The ginger will give the broth an added sweetness. For some, this might be too much sweetness, since there already a good helping of onions. I chose the ginger and didn’t feel it was too sweet.

Roasted Miso Ramen in Sapporo at Minoya 2

Roasted Miso Ramen, all Toppings: ¥1,210

I was more concerned about the garlic overpowering the miso taste. The garlic is fun addition, but it will kick out the miso flavor more aggressively.

The addition of yellow onions to the negi (Welsh onion) as toppings work well with that roasted flavor. This is almost like the way yellow onions are used in fajitas!

Roasted Miso Ramen in Sapporo at Minoya 3

The miso ramen broth is thick but not too oily. The noodles are slightly wavy and medium thick.

Clam Ramen

Their other ramen includes a roasted soy sauce ramen, a soy sauce chicken ramen, a spicy miso ramen, among others.

Try their shijimi (clam) ramen for something different. You can choose salt or soy sauce broth. As advertised their salt broth is saltier than most, but this subsides with the clam aftertaste.

Roasted Miso Ramen in Sapporo at Minoya 4

Clam Ramen: ¥900

With the high salt content, this can be a great hangover ramen. Furthermore, the clams are meant to help break down the alcohol.

The ramen noodles in this ramen are more round and straight.

Roasted Miso Ramen in Sapporo at Minoya 5

Minoya in Sapporo delivers on the ramen front.

Roasted Miso Ramen in Sapporo at Minoya 1

Shop Hours: 11:30 am ~ 3:00 am (until 5:00 am on Fri & Sat // until 1:00 am on Sun & Holidays)

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