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Roppongi Ramen – Super Shoyu Ramen at Tenho

Tenho has been a huge part of the Roppongi ramen scene since 1985. They serve a shoyu ramen that will sober anyone up – that is, if you know how to order it.

Look for the barrel outside

Super Shoyu Ramen

Tell the staff “Ichi san go” (135) and you’ll get their special shoyu ramen with:

  1. 1. Super firm noodles

  2. 3. Super strong flavor

  3. 5. Super saltiness

Shoyu Ramen

It sounds dangerous but it’s not! This salty and fatty ramen might be the most appropriate for late night Roppongi revelers.

Super firm, super fly and wavy

But even without the “Ichi san go” request, their shoyu ramen packs a punch.

Milky Miso Ramen

Tenho’s silky miso ramen is a splendid sidekick to the shoyu. The broth is relatively thin but has a rich, milky taste.

Miso Ramen

They’ve also got shio (salt) ramen, if you’re up for something lighter.

Ordering and such

No vending machines here. It’s just the Japanese master and his Vietnamese crew. Tell them “Ichi san go”, “shoyu”, “miso”, or “shio” and you’ll be all set.

Tenho is across from Tokyo Midtown. At street level, find the barrel. It’s not where they store their broth!

Go up into the building and you’ll find Tenho on the right hand side. Tenho’s original shop is actually in Sapporo. We’re lucky to also have them in Tokyo. For quality Roppongi ramen, check out Tenho.


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