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3 Tremendous Tokushima Ramen Shops

The mysterious island of Shikoku is best known for udon. But Tokushima Ramen is Shikoku’s answer to ramen. It’s famed for its simple tonkotsu / soy sauce blend, and raw egg and sliced pork toppings.

Here are 3 Tremendous Tokushima Ramen shops in Tokushima City.

Todai (ラーメン東大 大道本店)

Ramen shop Todai is open until 4 AM! Many Tokushima locals like to dive head first into a bowl after drinking.

Tokushima Ramen - Todai

The salty, fatty broth is distinctively Tokushima brown. This is from the blending of white tonkotsu (pork bone) and a dark soy sauce. Note that the pork belly topping (in Tokushima ramen) is not as soft as chashu.

Choose with or without ninniku (garlic) – you’ll get asked. At the end of a long night, why not add some? Don’t forget to add the raw egg, to add a layer of creaminess!

Inotani (いのたに 本店)

Ramen shop Inotani has been around since 1966. They’re a Tokushima institution. The broth is not as salty as Todai’s, but still super tasty. It actually looks heavier than it tastes.

Tokushima Ramen - Inotani

Pretty cool – you might notice that staff will put the renge (soup spoon) on customer’s water glasses. This is so they know which customers have already had their orders taken.

At just 20 cm, straight style Tokushima ramen noodles are shorter than the average 30 cm. They’re therefore easier to slurp in one go. Order rice if you like too – Tokushima ramen is meant to be enjoyed with rice!

Awaya (阿波屋)

If you want to avoid the crowds at Todai or Inotani, try ramen shop Awaya. Their ramen might not be as representative of Tokushima, but it’s still delicious.

They’ve got 2 options – the Awaya Soba or the Chukasoba (pictured). The Chukasoba is less heavy, since there’s no seabura (pork back fat). Both are awesome.

Tokushima Ramen - Awaya

The broth is more sweet than salty. The noodles are thin, straight and full of kansui.

You’re also given sudachi on the side. Sudachi is a Tokushima specialty – a sour citrus fruit similar to lime.

Adding this makes the broth suddenly become very fragrant. The acidity also cuts though the sweetness and makes for a better broth.

Tokushima Ramen is a must if you’re in Shikoku.

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