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Top Tonkatsu in Ginza - Nishimura

When it comes to tonkatsu in Ginza, Nishimura (にし邑) runs the show. Their deep-fried pork cutlet is tasty and affordable.

Tonkatsu in Ginza - Nishimura Outside

Ginza Tonkatsu - Nishimura

Nishimura has been open since 1999. At lunchtime, the first generation owner makes the tonkatsu. In the evening, his son takes charge. During lunch, the tonkatsu resultantly have this old-school appearance and taste.

Tonkatsu in Ginza - Nishimura Pork Loin
They use deep-fried breadcrumbs and salad oil

The panko (breadcrumb) layer isn't particularly thick. But it is properly flaky in texture. The pork inside is juicy but a little on the firmer side. I hear that in the evening the son uses less heat. This results in a pinker pork.

Tonkatsu in Ginza - Nishimura Pork Pieces

Regardless of lunch or dinner, you get a lot for a good price!

Pork Loin or Fillet?

Like most tonkatsu restaurants, choose either rōsu (pork loin) or hire (pork fillet). A "Jou" upgrade will ensure better cuts of pork:

  • Jou Pork Loin (上ロース, rōsu) Meal: ¥1,500

  • Pork Loin (ロース, rōsu) Meal: ¥1,200

  • Jou Pork Fillet (上ヒレ, hire) Meal: ¥1,500

  • Pork Fillet (ヒレ, hire) Meal: ¥1,200

Tonkatsu in Ginza - Nishimura Meal

I almost always order pork loin - I like the extra fat. Pictured is the Jou Pork Loin meal. Besides the tonkatsu, every meal comes with pickled vegetables, a big pile of cabbage, fatty tonjiru (miso soup with pork) and a hefty bowl of rice.

You get a second helping of rice if you ask too. It's interesting - they've been quoted in the past saying that their high-quality rice and tonjiru (the soup) are the main dishes. This would mean that the tonkatsu is a side dish.

Their old-school tonkatsu may indeed hearken back to simpler times. But you'll be hard pressed to find more affordable, high-quality tonkatsu in Ginza! Rest assured - they have English menus too.

Shop Hours: 11 am ~ 2:30 pm / 5:30 pm ~ 9 pm (closed on Weekends)


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