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Heavy Tonkotsu Ramen at Umaiyo Yuchan

Umaiyo Yuchan Ramen in Yamato, Kanagawa specializes in "DoTonkotsu" Ramen. This means a ridiculously rich pork bone soup!

Umaiyo Yuchan Tonkotsu Ramen - Chashu

Umaiyo Yuchan Ramen - Accolades

Closest to Yamato train station, Umaiyo Yuchan Ramen is deep in Kanagawa (South of Tokyo). Despite this, they have a line out the door.

Umaiyo Yuchan Tonkotsu Ramen - Outside

They were recently named No. 1 for Tonkotsu Ramen in TRY (Tokyo Ramen of the Year magazine). This is a big that helps explain their popularity.

More on their award-winning ramen below!

Tonkotsu Ramen That's In Your Face

"DoTonkotsu" refers to tonkotsu (pork bone) ramen that's extra thick and rich. This is exactly what you get at Umaiyo Yuchan Ramen. ⁠

Umaiyo Yuchan Tonkotsu Ramen - Uptop
Regular Ramen + Egg

They use mostly pig knuckles and pig head⁠ to make 2 soups - a main one and a sub one. It's as porky rich as it looks. They also use 3 different types of water in the soup.

⁠For reference, Ie-Kei ramen is the local style that everyone eats in Kanagawa. Think of it as tonkotsu, but with saltier soy sauce undertones.

Just like in Ie-kei ramen, Umaiyo Yuchan's soup has a certain saltiness to it. This makes sense, as the owner once worked at Ie-Kei ramen shop Ichirokuya.

Chashumen + Egg

If you're in need of a protein fix, order the Chashumen. It features 5 HUGE slices of chashu pork. Rounding out the toppings are kikurage (wood ear mushrooms), seaweed, spinach, negi (spring onions), and an egg.

Umaiyo Yuchan Tonkotsu Ramen - Noodles

⁠The fairly thick noodles are from noodle maker Nagataya Seimenjo⁠.

Last Ramen Remarks

They have both counter and table seating inside. Furthermore, they offer plenty of condiments you can add to your soup.

Umaiyo Yuchan Tonkotsu Ramen - Inside

There's fresh garlic, garlic chips, broad bean chili paste, sesame seeds, and a few more items.

In summary, Umaiyo Yuchan Ramen serves tonkotsu ramen that borders on being excessively heavy. But if you're not worried about calories, this one's for you.


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