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Fiery Tantanmen (Ramen) at 175° DENO

175°DENO Tantanmen dishes up delicious white or black sesame tantanmen. While their headquarters are in Sapporo, they have Tokyo branches in Ginza, Shinjuku, Kanda and Hongo.

Sapporo HQ

175°DENO Tantanmen - A Breakdown

175°DENO Tantanmen has its roots in Sapporo, Hokkaido. They source the finest Sichuan peppers and blend them with homemade raiyu chili oil in a flavorful chicken soup.

When ordering, you can customize your tantanmen accordingly:

  1. White or Black Sesame

  2. Spice & Shibire (numbing pepper) Levels

  3. Soup or Soupless

White Sesame Tantanmen

Their white sesame tantanmen base is on the creamier side, with decorative peanuts and little bits of dried shrimp for crunch and bitterness.

 175° DENO White Sesame Tantanmen
White Sesame with Soup

With the (hot) soup, the shibire numbing peppers are more intense. With soup, round noodles are used.

Black Sesame Tantanmen

The black sesame tastes completely different. It has a more hickory and smoky flavor and is more grainy and coarse.

 175° DENO Black Sesame Tantanmen
Black Sesame without Soup

If you order it soupless, the overall temperature is less hot. The numbing pepper therefore stands out less. With soupless you’re also treated to thicker, flat fettuccine like noodles.

Behind the Scenes in Shinjuku

Limited Time Tantanmen

Keep an eye out for their limited time tantanmen too. In the summer, it's cold tantanmen.

Cold Tantanmen

Below is a mapo tofu tantamen. The spicy and thick layer of mapo on top perfectly compliments the tantanmen base below.

Pay a visit to 175°DENO Tantanmen for modern, fiery tantanmen!

Shinjuku Shop

Ginza Shop

Sapporo Flagship Shop


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