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Hashigo - Traditional Tantanmen, Ramen in Ginza

Shinamen Hashigo (支那麺 はしご) has ladled out traditional and tasty tantanmen and ramen in Ginza since 1964. Let’s just say they know what they’re doing.

Hashigo in Ginza - Countertop Shot

Hashigo - Traditional Tokyo Tantanmen

Hashigo is best known for their tantanmen (dan dan noodles). Their version is closest to the style supposedly started by Tokyo Chinese restaurant Akasaka Sichuan Hanten. Sesame paste and chili oil hover at the top. It’s not as spicy as traditional dan dan from Sichuan, China.

Hashigo in Ginza - Tantanmen
Chisui (Chicken Strips) Tantanmen

But it’s delicious. No classic tantanmen is complete without some crunchy clean bok choy! The noodles are thin, soft and soak up the broth well. You can also request for half portions of noodles.

Hashigo in Ginza - Thinner Noodles

Traditional Shoyu Ramen

They also have a sweeter tasting shoyu ramen. It’s also a nostalgic bowl – exactly what you’d expect from a shop that’s been operating for half a century.

Hashigo in Ginza - Shoyu Ramen
Paikomen (Shoyu)

I personally like the tantanmen best. But the shoyu ramen is quality too!

Customize your Toppings

For either (tantanmen or shoyu), choose your toppings:

  1. Zha cai (picked mustard plant)

  2. Steamed chicken strips

  3. Braised pork

  4. Paiko (fried pork cutlet)

The tantamen pictured has the chicken strips and the shoyu ramen pictured has the paiko. From the toppings, the zha cai or paiko are my favorite.

In short, Shinamen Hashigo is the place to be for traditional tantanmen and ramen in Ginza. Bonus – they’re open until 5 AM on weekdays!


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