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Hearty Miso Ramen in Ginza: Do Miso

For hearty miso ramen in Ginza, Do Miso (ど・みそ 京橋本店) is the place to be. They’re located conveniently at the crossroads of Kyobashi, Ginza and Tokyo stations.

Do Miso Ramen in Ginza - Outside

Do Miso – Pork Back Fat

The shop’s forte is a “Tokyo style” fatty miso ramen. It features a copious amount of seabura (pork back fat). This seabura will stick to your lips and delivers extra richness and sweetness. But the overall broth taste isn’t as heavy as you’d think.

Do Miso Ramen in Ginza - Miso

Perhaps that’s because it’s so well-balanced. They prepare two separate soups. The total is technically three, considering that they constantly add to the mother soup. But generally speaking, one soup is pork, chicken, ginger, negi (spring onions), and garlic.

The other soup is kelp and five types of fish, including bonito, sardines, and mackerel. This is not a simple bowl of miso ramen in Ginza, by any means.

Spicy or Curry?

If you’re hungering for more heat, Do Miso has a spicy version too. Choose your spice level from 1-3. In addition to this spicy miso ramen, there’s even a curry miso ramen.

Do Miso Ramen in Ginza - Spicy

Its taste is closer to a delicious Japanese curry.

These 2 ramen (spicy and curry) feature minced pork and dried chili strings. This is instead of the sliced pork and corn in the original miso ramen.

Do Miso is a small shop and you’ll know they’re using seabura as soon as you walk in. But it’s worth sticking around.

Do Miso Ramen in Ginza - Inside

If you’re closer to the Ebisu area, here’s a similar shop (the owner trained at Do Miso): LINK TO THIS RAMEN SHOP


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