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Clam Ramen in Ginza - Ramen Ichiro

Clam ramen isn’t as common as you’d think. Ramen Ichiro (らーめん一郎) in Ginza though does a fine job with theirs though. Generous portions at reasonable prices.

Clam Ramen in Ginza Ichiro - Uptop View

Ramen Ichiro - Clam Ramen

Ichiro makes proper use of shijimi clams. These are freshwater clams. Compared to asari (sea) clams, they have an earthier flavor and are much smaller.

Clam Ramen in Ginza Ichiro - Basement Shot

Ichiro’s standard ramen is with a shoyu seasoning. It has a tangy flavor, with help from chicken and fish in the broth. The chickens are from Aomori (the prized Shamorock breed). However, it is the clams that provide the most powerful aftertaste.

Clam Ramen in Ginza Ichiro - Closeup

Getting all toppings means three slices of deliciously hammy chashu pork, and ample amounts of negi, menma, and komatsuna. We mustn’t forget the egg and seaweed. The seaweed is a potent reminder that this bowl is inspired by the sea.

Clam Ramen in Ginza Ichiro - Noodles

The fairly thick noodles are higher in water content. Ichiro has some other ramen options – shio ramen, and even a ramen that packs more clams in the broth (no. 4 on the ticket machine). This pure clam ramen is a style you’ll find in Aomori (up North). Ichiro must have some connection to the area.

Basement Ramen in Ginza

Beneath the shiny surface of ritzy Ginza lies Ramen Ichiro. You’ll find them in the basement of an indistinct building and they only have counter seating.

Clam Ramen in Ginza Ichiro - Inside

Their humble interior is quite the contrast with the glamor of Ginza above. But if you’re looking for quality clam ramen, they have you covered.


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