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Japanese Fish Noodle – Akihabara Ramen

Japanese Fish Noodle Umi no Chikara (ウミのチカラ) is a fish ramen specialist in Akihabara, Tokyo. From silky sea bream ramen to spicy shrimp ramen, they got you covered!

Japanese Fish Noodle – Starting with Sea Bream

The soup in their signature ramen is purely water and sea bream (tai). Many Japanese believe that sea bream is the most delicious fish out there⁠.⁠ The soup properly harnesses this sea bream.

But for the seasoning, they don’t borrow from the sea. It comes from the mountains. They use AlpenSalz, an evaporated salt from the German Alps.

Among toppings, the broiled and crumbly (hogushi) pieces of sea bream steal the show⁠. ⁠I’ll talk more about the toppings below, since the next bowl shares many of the same ones.

Ending with Spicy Shrimp Ramen

In their spicy shrimp ramen, they change things up by using soy sauce (shoyu) for the seasoning. Besides shrimp, the soup is pork bones and chicken bones (pork back and chicken feet included).

It’s richer and spicier. Furthermore, it’s more gritty and briny in flavor because of the shrimp. Just like in the sea bream ramen, there’s Japanese spinach (komatsuna), green spring onions (negi), and slices of pork. There’s also sheets of seaweed and an egg.

Japanese Fish Noodle Shrimp Ramen - Uptop

There’s even a touch of yuzu citrus to electrify the soup⁠. But in this bowl, they replace the chili strips and white spring onions (negi) with crunchy white onions. This is a pleasant change, given the heavier soup.

In both ramen options, they employ thin noodles to mop up the soup. Both are tasty – it just depends on what you’re in the mood for.

If you’re seeking fish ramen in Akihabara or even across Tokyo, consider Japanese Fish Noodle Umi no Chikara!


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