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3 MUST TRY Tokyo Burger Restaurants

Below are 3 MUST TRY Tokyo Burger Restaurants.

Burgers might not be the first thing that come to mind when you think of Tokyo food. Ramen, soba, sushi, Michelin Star French restaurants…but probably not burgers.

However, Tokyo’s a big city…and there are plenty of fantastic burger joints. Without further ado…

#1 AS CLASSICS DINER in Komazawa  

3 MUST TRY Tokyo Burger Restaurants - AS1

AS CLASSICS DINER (エーエスクラシックスダイナー) is consistently voted one of the top Tokyo burger restaurants. They have all sorts of tasty options – bacon cheese, avocado, chili cheese, teriyaki…the list goes on.

These towering, multi-layered burgers are set against a backdrop of 1950s and 60s Americana, complete with an antique Coca Cola vending machine and doo wop BGM.

3 MUST TRY Tokyo Burger Restaurants - AS2

I recommend their “Hot Rod”, an amalgamation of avocado, cheese, fried egg, chili, bacon and BBQ sauce. With each bite, the chili gracefully falls out from the sides like a waterfall, splashing against the fried egg, avocados, and everything else on the way down.

3 MUST TRY Tokyo Burger Restaurants - AS

3 MUST TRY Tokyo Burger Restaurants - AS3

Root Beer, American staple

Below is another goodie of theirs – the shorter but equally enjoyable Avocado Cheese Burger with Bacon. The bacon strips stretch out beyond the length of the buns like wings on a plane, helping this burger soar. Too figurative?

3 MUST TRY Tokyo Burger Restaurants - A4

Avocado Cheese Burger with Bacon

The only drawback at AS CLASSICS is their homegrown ketchup is a little bland…but maybe that’s a good thing, as you focus more on the flavor in the burgers. It’s just the American in me that craves for a sweeter, harder-hitting ketchup.

AS CLASSIC’s flagship joint (featured) is near Komazawa Park but they have another shop right in Roppongi Hills.

Train Station: Komazawa Daigaku (Denentoshi Line)

#2 Harakara in Sangenjaya 

3 MUST TRY Tokyo Burger Restaurants - Harakara

Harakara (ハラカラ。) is more of a cute little cafe. Their burgers follow suit, being more petite than those at AS CLASSICS. But They still pack a punch.

Below is their burger bulletin board and at the bottom right a list of their most popular burgers: 1. Avocado Cheese Burger, 2. Avocado Burger, 3. Spicy Cheese Burger, 4. Cheddar Cheese Burger, and 5. Grated Daikon Shiso Burger.

3 MUST TRY Tokyo Burger Restaurants - Harakara 1

You can start with what’s most popular – the Avocado Cheese Burger. This one and all really their burgers are very juicy. They’re and cooked medium, unless you specify otherwise. All you need is one free hand to eat these relatively smaller burgers.

3 MUST TRY Tokyo Burger Restaurants - Harakara 2

In addition to the Avocado Cheese Burger, I bought 1 more of course. This was their 5th most popular burger, the Grated Daikon Shiso Burger (鬼おろしそバーガー). Daikon is a big Japanese radish and shiso is shiso…a Japanese leafy  condiment. Curiosity led me to order this one.

There is a whole lot of grated daikon, which can regularly spill out. Besides the small mess I made, this burger did have an interesting taste. The daikon provided an unfamiliar crunch and the water from the daikon offset the salt in the beef, creating balance. Distinctly Japanese, this burger is a must try at Harakara, if not just for the novelty.

3 MUST TRY Tokyo Burger Restaurants - Harakara 3

3 MUST TRY Tokyo Burger Restaurants - Harakara 4

If there’s any drawback at Harakara it might be that they take their craft a bit too seriously. I was politely refused ketchup, told that they simply don’t have it, since the burgers are properly flavored with salt and pepper.

Fair enough; their burgers are tasty enough. But I was hoping to at least have some ketchup for my fries. If you don’t mind this minor (perhaps major for some) point, Harakara is a must visit for burger lovers.

Train Station: Sangenjaya (Denentoshi Line)

#3 Sun2Diner in Nakameguro 

3 MUST TRY Tokyo Burger Restaurants - Sun2Diner

Sun2Diner has the BEST BURGERS on this list in my opinion. Dec 2019 Note: the restaurant is now called Burger Factory (バーガーファクトリー). I might even go as far as saying that they have the best Tokyo burger. Perfection on a plate. AND they let you use ketchup.

3 MUST TRY Tokyo Burger Restaurants - Sun2Diner 2

Their burgers include a Turkey Burger, Fish Burger, Cheese Burger, Brown Mushroom Burger, and a Chipotle Mexcian Burger. You can also order items like Loco Moco, Taco Rice, Jerk Chicken, and…pancakes.

Their “California Burger” was originally a “monthly” item but due to popular demand, it’s part of the main menu now. The usual burger trimmings are there, but with a generous helping of sour cream and avocado. They make this burger to die for.

3 MUST TRY Tokyo Burger Restaurants - Sun2Diner 3

Their Avocado Cheese Burger is also a delight. For le cheese you can choose either cheddar or smoked. Smoked of course. The beef patties are just right – not too salty nor plain.

3 MUST TRY Tokyo Burger Restaurants - Sun2Diner 4

Sun2Diner upholds a strong Americana vibe, but more California surfer than classic diner (like AS CLASSICS). My fondest single memory from this wonderful place is hearing the O’Jays sing “Backstabbers” while I savagely dug into my immaculately prepared and appropriately named California Burger.

3 MUST TRY Tokyo Burger Restaurants - Sun2Diner 5

Train Station: Nakameguro (Hibiya & Toyoko Lines), Yutenji (Toyoko Line)


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