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Best Azabu-Juban Ramen: Ichikoro 156

The best Azabu-Juban ramen is unanimously Tori Soba Ichikoro 156 (鶏そば十番156 麻布十番本店), with their creamy chicken ramen. They also have beer from around the world!

Best Azabu-Juban Ramen Ichikoro 156 - Outside

They’re a quick 5 min. walk from Azabu-Juban station (Minato City, Tokyo).

For Azabu-Juban Ramen, Ichikoro 156

Ichikoro has quite the selection of ramen. But their signature ramen is a tori paitan, or creamy chicken one. Think of it as a cream of chicken soup ⁠with noodles. Top left area on the ticket machine!

Its official ramen name is “Junkei Soba” – translated as pure chicken ramen. It’s easy to understand why they chose this name. Chicken bones from Kyushu are boiled for six hours to create a delicious, collagen-heavy soup. ⁠

Best Azabu-Juban Ramen Ichikoro 156 - Top Seller
“Junkei Ao Soba"

I’d recommend getting the ¥980 (at the time writing this) option. It comes with a big helping of aonori (green laver, on the right). The salty aonori beautifully offsets the rich chicken flavor as it makes its way into the broth.

Best Azabu-Juban Ramen Ichikoro 156 - Noodles
Medium-Thick Noodles, Multiple Wheat Blend

Chicken chashu slices, spring onions, mizuna, bamboo shoots, and egg complete the toppings.

Soupless Ramen, International Beer

Ichikoro has a pretty extensive menu to match its spacious setting. Furthermore, they do seasonal ramen, like the soupless tantanmen pictured below.

Soupless Tantanmen

It’s spicy from chili oil and numbing pepper. But the biggest thing you’ll notice is the jungle of bright green coriander. It’s so thick you’ll feel like you need a machete.

The shrimp soupless tantanmen has a similarly spicy base. The jungle of coriander is missing but the briny shrimp flavors more than make up for it.

They even have a version with Edam cheese. It's made even richer from the egg yolk and chicken oil base.

Lastly, if you’re fan of beer, they have quite a few international beer choices.

Best Azabu-Juban Ramen Ichikoro 156 - Condiments

In an area of Tokyo where there isn’t a crazy amount of great ramen, Ichikoro stands proud and tall. They’re definitely the best choice for Azabu-Juban ramen.

For more ramen shops in this area of Tokyo (closer to Roppongi), check out this Late Night Ramen listicle.


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