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10 Best Shibuya Ramen Shops: Classic to Modern

These are the very best Shibuya ramen shops – the cream of the ramen crop! From classic dumpling to rich tonkotsu ramen, Shibuya is a ramen paradise.

1. Kiraku – Since 1952

Kiraku (喜楽) has impressively been around since 1952. You’ll feel that old-school vibe as soon as you walk in. Once you’re settled, order the Moyashi Wontonmen. It’s a soy-sauce based ramen with a mountain of bean sprouts and boiled dumplings.

The broth is pure chicken and pork bone goodness, boiled for 7-8 hours. Little bits of fried onions add a pleasant sweetness. Thick and chewy noodles round out this historic bowl of Tokyo ramen.

2. Nagi Butao – Silky Tonkotsu

Going in a richer flavor direction, Ramen Nagi Butao (ラーメン凪 豚王) is THE spot for tonkotsu (pork bone) ramen. Their ramen is magnificently delicious without being too heavy. Their finest ramen bowl has to be the “Original King”.

In it, a nice helping of seabura (pork back fat) playfully glisten on the surface. It also provides a silky taste. again, it’s delicious without weighing you down.

3. Oni Soba Fujiya – Amazing Shio

This ramen shop is the product of ex-comedian and celebrity Taku-chan. But there’s nothing funny about his shop’s shio (salt) ramen. The light shio base excellently brings out the deep layers of flavor in the broth.

Best Shibuya Ramen - Oni Soba Fujiya

The broth’s mainstay is chicken. But there’s seafood too – dried sardines, bonito and mackerel flakes, and even grilled flying fish. Yuzu citrus as topping is a nice touch. Oni Soba Fujiya (鬼そば藤谷) is in the popular Center Gai district (across from Hachiko) and is not to be missed.

4. Hayashi – Top of Shibuya

Hayashi (はやし) consistently finds itself at the top of Shibuya ramen rankings. Their additive-free, relatively thick and rich broth is a combination of pork bones, chicken bones and fish (double soup). This all works so well with the shoyu (soy sauce) seasoning.

Best Shibuya Ramen - Hayashi

You’ll uniquely find a bit of orange peel or yuzu citrus (again!) in the middle of the bowl. The pinch of acidity from these 2 perfectly contrasts with the strong flavored broth. High-level ramen, to say the least.

5. Kokuu – Dumpling Ramen

Returning to a more classic style, Kokuu (らーめん 穀雨) is best known for their dumpling ramen. Choose shoyu (soy sauce) or shio (salt) broth and also three or five dumplings.

Their signature shoyu ramen is quite light and almost watery. This allows the ginger filled dumplings to stand out. Chopped onions add crunch and brightness and Japanese spinach a touch of bitterness to the soup. Overall, truly satisfying.

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6. Shinbu Sakiya – Smoky Miso

A late night favorite for Sapporo style miso ramen is Shinbu Sakiya (麺匠 真武咲弥). The ramen is broiled via blowtorch, creating a wonderfully smoky flavor. It carries that radiant miso flavor without being too hefty.

They’ve recently revamped their menu and have expanded offerings, including vegan and gluten-free ramen. First-timers should definitely order their aromatic and flavorful miso ramen.

7. Kugatsudo – Ramen Cafe

With its laid-back vibe and swanky interior, Kugatsudo (九月堂) is as close to a ramen cafe as you get. Among the ramen choices, they’re best known for shoyu. But you get to choose whether you want a lighter or heavier soup.

Both more than get the job done. The soup is a complex blend of everything from black soy beans to chicken bones. But the lasting impression here might be the atmosphere just as much as the ramen.

8. Sakurazaka – A Stout Shoyu

Taking their name from the surrounding neighborhood, Chukasoba Sakurazaka’s (中華ソバ 櫻坂) winner is a stout shoyu ramen. Chicken from Miyazaki serves as the the base but there’s a strong bonito fish undertone.

It’s salty, fishy, and delicious. They opted to use hoksaki menma (the top half of bamboo shoots) and a wonderfully fatty and succulent chashu pork.

9. Usagi – Refined Shoyu

Usagi (うさぎ) is a Shibuya ramen institution. Usagi’s shoyu ramen is chicken and seafood based, with the fattiness from the chicken constructing a velvety flavor.

Best Shibuya Ramen - Usagi

The shoyu they use is quite sweet but it works well. The egg is excellent but the ultra thin, slow-cooked pork chashu might be their ultimate toppings. Usagi is more than worth visiting if you’re in the Shinsen area of Shibuya.

10. Nakajima – Zesty Tantamen

Like Kiraku and Kokuu on this list, Nakajima (麺飯食堂なかじま) is all about classic ramen. But their specialty is a zesty tantanmen. Choose from 2 versions – spicy or mild. However, the spicy version is the better one.

Best Shibuya Ramen - Nakajima

It looks spicier than it actually is. It’s a perfect balance between gold sesame smoothness and chili oil punch. Don’t eat before coming here – the bowls are massive!

All in all, Shibuya ramen shops do not disappoint. There’s so much variety and something for everyone. If you’re not sure where to even start, consider booking a Tokyo Ramen Tour: LINK


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