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Best Spicy Instant Ramen from Japan - Top 5

These are the BEST spicy Instant ramen from Japan! From Michelin star ramen to ramen with a lava red soup, we have you covered!

1. Mendokoro Inosho - Too Hot to Handle?

Ramen shop Mendokoro Inohso serves one of Tokyo's hottest bowls of ramen! In terms of spiciness, they don't hold back. The same can be said for their official instant ramen.

Best Spicy Instant Ramen from Japan - Inosho

But there's more going on than meets the eye. The soup is rich from pork bones and it works as a coating agent for the extra thick noodles. The big red mound is not only chili powder, but also fish powder. In other words, there are layers to enjoy...if you can handle the heat.

2. Nakiryu's Tantanmen - Michelin Worthy

Nakiryu is one of just a few ramen shops with a Michelin star. The ramen that put them on the Michelin map is a spicy tantanmen (Tokyo's rendition of dan dan noodles).

Best Spicy Instant Ramen from Japan - Michelin Star Worthy

The soup is deliciously complex. While there's spiciness coming from chili oil, there's also sourness from vinegar and creaminess from sesame paste. The soup is so good you might be shocked considering that it's instant. You can order Nakiryu's instant ramen HERE.

3. Raoh Soupless Ramen - Yes, There's No Soup

There is indeed such a thing as soupless ramen. In place of a soup is a thick sauce. Thick noodles are most common in this style of dry man. Thick noodles make the most sense since there's more surface area to work with.

Yes, there's such a thing as soupless ramen

Compared to Nakiryu's tantanmen, this one is spicier. There's a bigger emphasis on numbing pepper and chili oil instead of sesame paste. In terms of toppings, seasoned minced pork and crunchy bok choy round out the bowl.

4. Hot & Sour Soup Ramen - Beautifully Comforting

Chinese hot and sour soup is loved around the world. When this soup made landfall in Japan, they decided to add ramen noodles - officially making it a hot and sour soup ramen!

Hot & Sour Soup Ramen

Simply put, this instant version is fantastic. Alongside a tasty soup are fluffy tofu and egg toppings. There's also bok choy and wood ear mushrooms for crunch. Lastly, thin noodles were the right choice for this one.

5. Katsu-ura Style Tantanmen - Fishing Roots

Katsu-ura a small city in Chiba, which is directly East of Tokyo. The local ramen, Katsu-ura tantanmen, was developed to keep fishermen warm in the winter.

Katsu-ura Style Tantanmen in Instant Form

Instead of the tantanmen featured above, this tantanmen is all about soy sauce and a ridiculous amount of chili oil. In addition, crisp onions are a trademark. This instant Katsu-ura tantanmen makes sure that both of these elements are front and center!

There you have it - the BEST spicy Instant ramen from Japan!


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