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Instant Ramen from Famous Shops - Top 5

Consider these my top 5 Instant Ramen from famous ramen shops across Japan! From Michelin star ramen to Japan's top ranked bowl, there's plenty of deliciousness to cover!

Note: these are all "premium" instant ramen. This means the best possible quality. In other words, these are miles away from the cheap packet instant ramen that university students love. Let's get to it!

1. The Perfect Winter Miso Ramen - Akayu

When people think of miso ramen, Sapporo miso ramen normally comes to mind. This is even the case in Japan. But there's another miso ramen style that's equally amazing - Akayu Spicy Miso Ramen!

Instant Ramen from Famous Shop - Akayu Miso Ramen

This ramen style was created at ramen shop Ryu Shanghai in Yamagata prefecture in the late 1950s. Their official instant ramen is a beautiful reproduction of what they serve. This is from the rich pork bone soup to the big red ball of garlic and spices.

2. Michelin Star Tantanmen - Nakiryu

Michelin doesn't just hand out stars left and right. In fact, ramen shop Nakiryu is just one of three Tokyo ramen shops to boast a Michelin star. The ramen that likely earned them this is the spicy tantanmen.

Famous Restaurant Instant Ramen - Michelin Star Nakiryu

This tantanmen is the ramen they're selling in instant form. Thanks to multiple, separate packets, the soup carries the same deep layers of flavor. There's nuttiness from sesame paste, sourness from vinegar, spiciness from chili oil, and an addictive meatiness.

Waiting outside Nakiryu

You can buy this instant ramen directly from Japan - check out our SHOP here!

3. The Pride of Yokohama - Yoshimuraya

Ramen shop Yoshimuraya is king in Yokohama, Kanagawa (south of Tokyo). They're credited with creating Ie-kei ramen. This ramen features a creamy soup that's tonkotsu shoyu (pork bone and soy sauce).

Famous Ramen Restaurants in Japan - Yoshimuraya Instant Ramen

Yoshimuraya's instant version has all the trimmings found in Ie-kei - a thick and creamy soup, thick noodles, spinach, and dried sheets of seaweed. You'll feel like you're at Yoshimuraya when eating it!

4. Rich Chicken Ramen - Menya Itto

The next famous ramen shop is Menya Itto. Itto is actually best know for tsukemen, or dipping ramen. But they also serve fantastic, chicken-heavy ramen. This is what their instant version is based on!

The soup is brimming with warm chicken flavors. There's even a slice of chicken among toppings. For reference, normally the meat topping in ramen is pork (not chicken). Lastly, this one comes with extra thick noodles.

Outside ramen shop Menya Itto in Shin-Koiwa

5. Japan's No. 1 Ranked Ramen Shop - Iida Shoten

Iida Shoten is considered to be the pinnacle of ramen in Japan. Ranked no. 1 on many local websites, they're so popular that they only take reservations. It's no wonder that expectations were sky high when they put together a premium instant ramen.

In short, they delivered. The soy sauce seasoned soup is delicate, but full of lip-smacking chicken flavors. This is only is strengthened by the packet of chicken oil. Nothing beats visiting Iida Shoten. But given how hard it is to get a reservation, this is the next best thing!

There you have it - our top 5 instant ramen from famous ramen shops in Japan. Feel free to check out our instant ramen shop - we even sell a ramen pack from Iida Shoten!


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