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Menya Itto – Tokyo’s No. 1 Tsukemen (Dipping Ramen)

Menya Itto (麺屋 一燈) is at the very top of the Tokyo tsukemen heap. For good reason – their chicken rich tsukemen (dipping ramen) tastes like it was sent from heaven.

Menya Itto Tsukemen - Outside

Menya Itto – What to Order

Menya Itto is a mere 5 min. walk from Shin-Koiwa station. Shin-Koiwa is part of Tokyo’s Katsushika City (the East side). You first should know that Itto uses a ticket system. That is, you arrive before they open and they assign you a time to show up later to eat.

Menya Itto - Ticket Machine

For example, if you showed up at 10:30 am, you might be asked to come back at 11:30 am. When you first arrive, you’ll need to make your ramen selection from a ticket machine. I’d recommend hitting no. 3 – their tsukemen (dipping ramen) with all toppings!

This Tsukemen Itself

Their tsukemen is obviously amazing. Everything about it screams perfection. The dipping soup is a blend of Akanedori breed chicken bones and 5 types of seafood, including dried sakura shrimp and sardines. But unlike other bowls in this style, the fish presence isn’t that heavy.

Menya Itto Tsukemen - Meal

What’s most commanding is the radiant chicken flavor. It’s strongly creamy but not overpowering. But in the soup there are also splashes of sweetness (the green spring onions) and sourness (the yuzu citrus).

With all toppings, it’s a carnivore’s dream. The soup itself has shiso-infused chicken meatballs (tsukune). On top of the thick, in-house made noodles are 3 types of chicken and pork chashu, flawlessly cooked at a low temperature.

Menya Itto Tsukemen - All Toppings

If you take a look at the ticket machine again, you’ll see they also have a (similarly styled) ramen, shoyu (soy sauce) ramen, and shio (salt) ramen. But it’s the tsukemen that reigns supreme.

Ramen Available too

For reference, below is the "similarly styled" ramen. The soup isn't as thick as the tsukemen soup. Nor is it as fishy. Again, the tsukemen isn't overly fishy.

But if you wish to skip the chicken all together, this ramen might be your jam. The same delicious toppings are there. Just note that the ramen features thinner noodles.

Menya Itto Tsukemen - Ramen Noodles

In summary, the tsukemen (and ramen) at Menya Itto will make you dance and sing. It’s no wonder they’re as popular as they are.


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