Best Duck Ramen in Tokyo (Ueno): Kamo to Negi

Since 2016, Kamo to Negi (らーめん鴨to葱) has served what’s probably the absolute best duck ramen in Tokyo. Located next to Okachimachi station, it’s not too far from the Ueno area.

Heavenly Duck Ramen

Kamo to Negi only uses duck, water, and negi in their prep. It’s a clean-tasting, heavenly broth, with the fattiness from the duck radiating throughout.

Best Duck Ramen in Tokyo Kamo to Negi
Duck Ramen and Toro taku chirashi: ¥980

Under the shop’s interior lights, the duck chashu dramatically glistens and even beckons you. These chasu are the big highlight and are incredibly tender.

Best Duck Ramen in Tokyo Kamo to Negi - Meal
Duck Ramen and Toro taku chirashi: ¥980

“Kamo” means duck and “negi” refers to Japanese onions. For the negi portion, you get to choose 2 negi from 3 choices. The ramen pictured includes Kujo green negi and a thick and sweet white negi.

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Delicious Sides

You can also enjoy oyakodon or toro taku chirashi (similar to negitoro) on the side. By themselves, they’re only ¥350 each.

Elegantly Japanese Interior

The interior is simple and elegantly Japanese. The counter tops are even fixed with tatami mat. On these counter tops, you’re faced with a number of condiment choices.

I would personally recommend using the yuzu kosho (citrusy chili paste). This is the green and white bottle on the very right. Use it halfway throughout your bowl.

Best Duck Ramen in Tokyo Kamo to Negi - Inside

Interestingly enough, Kamo to Negi has decided to go with 70s funk and disco music. It doesn’t quite match the “wa” interior but it’s a lot of fun.

Best Duck Ramen in Tokyo Kamo to Negi - Outside

Get there early! Kamo to Negi is always popping. For deliciously unique ramen in nearby Akihabara, CLICK HERE.

Shop Hours: Weekdays: 11:00 ~ 15:00 / 17:00 ~ 21:30 // Weekends: 11:00 ~ 20:00

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