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Ramen Ron - Manila's Best Spicy Ramen

Ramen Ron in Manila has a deliciously big menu. But their signature dish is a spicy tantanmen. It's fantastic.

Ramen Ron - Signature Tantanmen

Ramen Ron - Two Locations

Ramen Ron has two locations in Metro Manila, Philippines: one in Rockwell, Makati, and the other in BGC.

Inside Ramen Ron's Rockwell Location

The Rockwell location is spacious and features a warm, ramen-themed interior, as pictured.

Spicy Tantanmen

Ramen Ron's top seller, the spicy tantanmen, is the Japanese version of Chinese dan dan noodles. It strikes a perfect balance between heat and creamy richness.

Top View of the Tantanmen

The spice comes from togarashi (Japanese chili blend) and dobanjan (broad bean chili paste), while the creamy richness is derived from chicken bones.

Springy Noodles

The soup also has a delightful smokiness, achieved by stir-frying it with minced pork in a large wok. Lastly, the medium-thick noodles provide a satisfying chew.

Snoopy Tsukemen?

Tsukemen, or dipping ramen, often features a strongly flavored soup. Ramen Ron is no different with their tsukemen. Fish and pork bones collide for a flavorful soup explosion assisted by extra thick noodles.

Tsukemen (Dipping Ramen)

Adding a touch of fun, Snoopy, the beloved cartoon beagle, makes an appearance at Ramen Ron. There's a little Snoopy-shaped hot stone that you can toss into the soup to keep it warm. This is important because tsukemen soup tends to cool down since the noodles are typically served cold.

Thicker Noodles for the Tsukemen

But don't dismiss cold noodles - when they're cold, the texture is even better!

Rich Pork Ramen

We're in the Philippines, so naturally, there's a pork ramen on the menu! The tonkotsu (pork bone) ramen at Ramen Ron features a velvety, but not overly rich, soup. It's similar to Hakata style ramen from Japan.

Tonkotsu (Pork) Ramen

This includes razor thin noodles for that velvety soup. Toppings are red pickled ginger, thin broiled pork slices, wood ear mushrooms, and spring onions.

Thin Noodles

Tasty Sides

Ramen Ron also offers high-quality side dishes like spicy salmon sashimi and mango daifuku dessert (mochi rice with mango).

Spicy Salmon Sashimi

The mango daifuku is a beuatiful meeting of Japan and the Philippines.

Mango Daifuku

Whatever you order, ramen or otherwise, you can't go wrong at Ramen Ron!

Entrance to Ramen Ron


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