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Yushoken - Fantastic Manila Ramen

Ramen Yushoken is one of the greatest ramen shops in Manila! Read on - we let you know what to order from their secret menu.

Yushoken's Secret Menu Ramen

Yushoken - Not Messing Around

Yushoken is part of the Nippon Hasha ramen group. They don't mess around when it comes to ramen. The quality they put forth is as good as you'll find in Japan.

Outside Yushoken in Ortigas

The group's other ramen brands include Mendokoro Ramenba and Marudori.

Ramen Yushoken has several branches in Manila, including in Oritgas. Let's dive in!

Secret Menu - Super Chashu Ramen

You won't find the Super Chashu Ramen on their regular menu. True to its name, there's a slab of grilled pork that's the size of a manhole cover. It's 150 grams of meat!

Huge slice of Pork Chashu

Hiding below is their signature tonkotsu-shoyu soup. The soy sauce carries a soup that's 100% pork bones. Specifically, they use pork thigh. It's as smooth-tasting as it looks. The mayu (garlic oil) drizzled on top adds grittiness and zing.

Shrimp Tonkotsu Ramen

This is another one from their secret menu. The same creamy pork bone soup is assisted by shrimp oil and squid powder. In short, it's a seafood heavy bowl.

Shrimp Tonkotsu Ramen

The toppings include grilled crab, squid, shrimp, and scallops. In place of white negi (spring onions) and kikurage (wood ear mushrooms) is crunch bok choy.

Green Curry Tantanmen

First of all, tantanmen is a spicier type of ramen. In Yushoken's green curry tantanmen chili oil provides the heat. But there's a mellowness coming from sesame as well.

Green Curry Tantanmen

But the most fun element is green curry. It goes well with everything that's already there. Among toppings, the minced pork and crushed peanuts stand out.

Noodle Pullup

In each of these three secret menu ramen, the noodles are thick. But they get even thicker below - one more ramen to review!

Thick Tsukemen (Dipping Ramen)

This tsukemen isn't from their secret menu..but it's a great meal! Generally, tsukemen soup and noodles are much thicker. That's the case in Yushoken's tsukemen too.

Tsukemen (Dipping Ramen)

The sweetly flavored soup is still rich from pork. But there are influential notes of mackerel and bonito fish in the background.

Really Thick Noodles

It also comes with calamansi vinegar on the side. I grew up with calamasi and therefore love this. The refreshing acidity slices through the soup like a sharp sword.

Beyond Ramen

Furthermore, there's plenty of other authentic Japanese food to choose from at Yushoken. For example, the chahan (fried rice) and gyoza (fried dumplings) are big hits.

Gyoza Fried Dumplings

All of their branches are spacious and relaxing. The Ortigas branch interior is pictured below. When it comes to the Manila ramen scene, Ramen Yushoken is a must visit.

Ortigas Branch

Alabang Branch


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