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Marudori in Manila - Amazing Chicken Ramen

Marudori in Manila serves lip-smacking, rich chicken ramen (tori paitan). Marudori also serves a number of tasty Japanese side dishes.

Marudori - Shoyu Paitan

Marudori - Locations in Manila

Marudori is managed by the Nippon Hasha ramen group. They're the same group behind the Mendokoro Ramenba and Yushoken ramen shops in the Philippines.

However, Marudori is focused on showcasing chicken as an ingredient.

Marudori currently has 2 locations in Metro Manila - with more on the way I'm sure. Pictured below is their Rockwell, Makati location.

Rockwell Branch Interior

The other location is also in Makati (Barangay Belair). Roomy and with an inviting interior, the Rockwell branch is the perfect place to get your slurp on.

Shio Paitan - Salt Chicken Ramen

Let's get to it! When it comes to rich chicken ramen (tori paitan), Marudori serves two variations. One is seasoned with shio, or salt. This is pictured below.

Shio Paitan at Marudori in Rockwell
Shio Paitan

The shio seasoning is light and bright, dramatically clearing the way for a beautiful, silky smooth chicken soup. The chiyu (chicken oil) on top also contributes to this silkiness.

Furthermore, the yuzu citrus peel is the center of the bowl is a refreshing touch.

For toppings, you're treated to spinach, menma (bamboo shoots), spring onions (negi), chicken breast slices, and an egg.

The noodles are appropriately thick and of excellent quality.

Shoyu Paitan - Soy Sauce Chicken Ramen

In this one, in place of a shio seasoning is shoyu (soy sauce). The shoyu furnishes the bowl with a tangier base.

But what changes the soup flavor most is mayu (black garlic oil). The mayu makes for a sweet, garlicky finish.

Shoyu Paitan

In terms of toppings, they're similar in this shoyu paitan. But there's one big topping change - the chicken slices are grilled and marinated in a sweet teriyaki sauce.

Expectedly, the shoyu paitan is sweeter in flavor overall.


Tantanmen is a spicier ramen style derived from Chinese dan dan noodles.

In Marudori's tantanmen, the same rich chicken soup is put to use. Two types of chili are the main source of spiciness and the soup's bright red color.

Tantanmen is their spicy ramen

But it's not only spicy. Orange sesame paste bestows the soup with a mellow, down-to-earth flavor. Perhaps the most interesting addition is tomato jam. It provides the soup with a sweet, acidic jolt.

For toppings, there are quite a few differences. You'll find peanuts, negi (spring onions), bok choy, an egg, and minced chicken.

They use thick ramen noodles

Fantastic Japanese Side Dishes

Marudori takes full advantage of a spacious kitchen. Made with proper care, all of their delicious sides will make you feel like you're in Japan.

Clockwise: Chicken Meatballs and Chicken Breast Yakitori, Karaage

Appropriately, there's plenty of yakitori (grilled chicken skewer) choices. The sticks of chicken tsukune (meatballs) and chicken momo (breast) are top sellers.

The karaage (fried chicken) might be my personal favorite though. Uniquely round, they're juicy on the inside and wonderfully crispy on the outside.

Whether yakitori or a shrimp salad, there's something for everyone on the menu.

Marudori - Top-Notch Ramen in Manila

With its savory chicken ramen and extensive menu of the sides, Marudori is among the very best for ramen in Manila.

Everything they serve is just as good as you get in Japan!

Rockwell Branch

Makati Branch


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