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Best Miso Ramen in Japan? Menya Taiga in Kanazawa

Could this be the best Miso Ramen in Japan? Some would argue yes. I’m likely one of them. Menya Taiga in Kanazawa serves a delicious bowl of grilled miso ramen, putting their own unique spin on the dish.

Menya Taiga is a small, 13 seat ramen shop in the tourist popular town of Kanazawa (Ishikawa Prefecture).

Best Miso Ramen in Japan 1

They only serve Miso Ramen, their heavy-hitting specialty, and it comes in various forms:

  1. Classic Miso Ramen (¥700)

  2. Black Miso Ramen (¥750)

  3. Red Miso Ramen (¥780)

  4. Miso Tsukemen (¥800)

  5. Spicy Miso Tsukemen (¥850)

  6. Oyster Miso Ramen (¥980 Yen, only in winter)

Shot of Vegetable Juice?

They start you off with a shot of vegetable juice. If you eat carbs first, it’s said that your blood sugar rises very quickly. So instead jumping right into the ramen, your system gets a jolt of veggies.

Best Miso Ramen in Japan 2

Not Orange Vodka

The Best Miso Ramen?

Menya Taiga’s grilled miso broth is perfectly balanced. It’s not oily like a lot of Sapporo style miso ramen. It’s more delicate, for they add a splash of yuzu (citrus) and a bit of grated ginger.

The toppings are all fantastic, especially their egg. If you’re there in the winter, make sure to try their Oyster Miso Ramen. The oysters are cooked to perfection and placed on top of the ramen, don’t overpower the broth. 

Best Miso Ramen in Japan 4

Oyster Miso Ramen

The noodles are also A grade – shorter and medium thickness. 

Best Miso Ramen in Japan 5

Classic Miso Ramen

Be Prepared to Wait

This place is so popular you that you’ll likely have to wait in line. But it’s well worth it. It’s best to go right before they open (11:30 am).

Best Miso Ramen in Japan 6

You might otherwise get stuck in line…

Best Miso Ramen in Japan 7

If you want arguably one of the best miso ramen bowls in Japan, head to Menya Taiga.

If you’re visiting Tokyo, consider booking a Tokyo Ramen Tour!

Train Station: Kanazawa Station


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