Bright Blue Ramen at Kipposhi

Ramen shop Kipposhi serves a bright blue ramen. The ramen broth is literally the color of the ocean. Without using any food coloring, Kipposhi has crafted both a visually stunning and appetizing bowl of blue ramen.

Chicken ramen specialists, Kipposhi has been around since 2016 but more recently moved to Shibuya from near Tokyo Sky Tree.

Bright Blue Ramen Broth at Kipposhi 1

Blue Ramen – Clear Chicken Broth

What makes their ramen blue is kept a secret. But again, it’s apparently a natural blue, with no chemicals.

Clear Chicken Soup “Blue”: ¥900 (¥1,100 for extra chicken)

In terms of prep and taste, it’s a clear broth chicken ramen. The chicken flavor is what stands out the most, almost like a light chicken soup. There’s little hint of soy sauce or other dashi elements. According to their menu explanation, the cook time for this broth is relatively short.  

The thin, round noodles are surrounded by white onions, kawaire, and tender slices of chicken delicately placed on top of the broth. The chicken are tender to the point you feel like you’re eating Singaporean chicken rice. 

Bright Blue Ramen Broth at Kipposhi 3

Somewhere, beyond the sea

Bright Blue Ramen Broth at Kipposhi 4

11 seats

Paitan – Rich Chicken Broth

Besides their Instagram worthy blue ramen, they have some other items. On the other side of the spectrum, there’s a rich broth chicken ramen. You can choose salt (shio) or shoyu (soy sauce) as the base. Shio is their most popular.

Bright Blue Ramen Broth at Kipposhi 5

Richness Chicken Soup – “Salt” with boiled egg: ¥900

Unlike the clear broth, the cook time for this broth is long. The finished product is  creamy and milky rich. They mix together and have simmer a big helping of chicken stock, some chicken feet (momiji) and seasoned vegetables. They use the same round noodles and throw in some veggies to confuse the customer.

Bright Blue Ramen Broth at Kipposhi 6

They’ve also a got clear chicken ramen with ginger, a chicken miso ramen, a chicken tantanmen (spicy ramen), and a rotating seasonal specialty.

Bright Blue Ramen Broth at Kipposhi 7

If you love chicken or chicken ramen, or want to taste the ocean in a bowl of ramen, be sure to give Kipposhi a try.