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Fancy Chicken Ramen in Jiyugaoka – Seika

For ramen in Jiyugaoka, Seika (星火) snazzily sticks out. Their fancy but affordable chicken ramen will leave you feeling full and almost regal.

Ramen in Jiyugaoka – An Elegant Treat

Jiyugaoka is an up-scale neighborhood. So it would make sense that ramen shop Seika would look the part. At lunch Seika specializes in elegant teishoku, or set meals. This is extended to their ramen.

 Ramen in Jiyugaoka – Seika Inside

For the ramen teishoku, choose shoyu (soy sauce) or shio (salt) based ramen. The shoyu is a blend of 3 shoyu, katsuobushi, and kelp. Pictured is the shio. The light shio seasoning includes shijimi clams and lifts up a fatty chicken broth.

 Ramen in Jiyugaoka – Seika Set Meal
Shio Ramen Set Meal

What you get with the Ramen

The broth is a 8 hour simmer of Daisen chicken, niboshi (dried sardines), and sababushi (mackerel flakes).

Furthermore, the ramen is packed with toppings – deeply marinated zasai (pickled mustard seeds), nira, menma (bamboo shoots), and chicken chashu.

 Ramen in Jiyugaoka – Seika Noodles

The aonori (green laver) provides a burst of flavor from the sea and little burnt negi, bursts of sweetness. But we mustn’t forget the 3 quail eggs. They use thin, straight noodles.

From the accompanying meal items, the black rice onigiri colorfully stands out.

Worth Visiting?

For ramen in Jiyugaoka, I would say Seika is an excellent choice.

 Ramen in Jiyugaoka Seika - Outside

Bear in mind that at dinner, their prices go up quite a bit. But for lunch, the ramen and other set meals are affordable.


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