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Chuka Soba Ranchu: Kingly Niboshi Ramen

In the car-friendly suburb of Honancho, ramen shop Chuka Soba Ranchu reigns supreme. Their five-star niboshi ramen has a big nod from Michelin’s Bib Gourmand Guide.

Kingly Niboshi Ramen

They only have one ramen and they sure make it count. While it’s a shining example of modern niboshi (dried sardine) ramen, it still retains a classic chukasoba taste. This is thanks in part to stellar soy sauce seasoning.

The deep fish flavors and savory pork bone base make a great partnership. Additionally, there’s a almost a buttery flavor when you enjoy the broth with the thin, straight noodles.

Chuka Soba Ranchu Noodles

Kingly Toppings

The egg is insanely creamy and delicious. But from the toppings, the chashu pork belly is the biggest attention grabber. The edges are roasted and provide the bowl with a smoky aura.

Chuka Soba Ranchu

In conclusion, Chuka Soba Ranchu hits well above its weight. It’s worth the hike from Honancho station!


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