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Seabura no Kami - Top-Notch Kyoto Ramen

Seabura no Kami (セアブラノ神) is one of Kyoto's finest ramen shops. They serve a heavier bowl and are centrally located too.

Seabura no Kami - Ramen Closeup

Seabura no Kami - One of Kyoto's Best Ramen

"Seabura" means pork back fat. "Kami" means god. A godly bowl of pork fatty ramen? That pretty much sums up the ramen at Seabura no Kami. Their signature bowl (Niboshi Soba) features a great deal of seabura.

Niboshi Soba Drone View
NIboshi Soba with Egg / 味玉背脂煮干そば

But this pork back fat isn't as heavy as it looks. If anything, it adds a smoothness and sweetness to a salty shoyu (soy sauce) base. It furthermore brings down some of the fishiness (the soup is dried fish based).

Closeup of Toppings

Amid toppings, the red raw onions are also a nice contrast to the heavy-hitting soup. In addition, they offer two delicious cuts of pork. If you tell them "Haafu ando Haafu" (Half and Half), you'll get both of them.

Thick Noodles

The noodles are on the thicker side and they wonderfully match everything in the bowl. This bowl is very much inspired by a style of ramen from snowy Niigata.

Last Notes

Seabura no Kami is one of Kyoto's top ranked ramen shops, bagging multiple awards over the years. But the nice thing is that their line outside isn't normally that long.

Outside of Seabura no Kami

Besides the Niboshi Soba, they serve a Maze Soba (soupless ramen), a tsukemen (dipping ramen), and a limited time ramen (which changes almost every month).

Menu Choices

But the first time you visit you'll need to order the Niboshi Soba. You won't regret it.


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